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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Who is the worst driver in the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix?

Date: July 19, 2024 Time: 23:24:15

Who is the worst driver in the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix?

Evgeniy Kustov August 27, 2023, 23:05 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Once again, the number two Red Bull is under attack, but the competition is serious: two cars collided, many failed in tactic.

This Formula 1 season we have started a new section. Now, after the end of the race, we offer you to choose the worst driver yourself. Also, in this qualifying survey, we urge you to evaluate the drivers’ performance on race day. That is, it turns out a kind of “Rider of the Day Upside Down” award.

Based on the results of the race on the Zandvoort track, the editors immediately selected eight contenders for the title of worst driver, and now only you will determine the name of the “laureate”.

Use the ▼▲ arrows to select and write in the comments why you made this decision.

Important: The “Ranking” functionality is available only in the normal version of “Championship”. If you entered this material via a search page, you will see a list generated without voting buttons.

Who is the worst driver in the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix?

Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

spear walk

He missed a lot even in qualifying, but the Dutch weather gave the Canadian a chance to recover in the race. However, a wrong decision to stay on the slick tires for the first few laps ultimately ruined Stroll’s weekend. The result: 11th place against another podium for Alonso.

Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Sergio Perez

Another controversial race Pérez. The Mexican brilliantly took the lead thanks to the early transition to intermediate rubber, but then, in an attempt to save it, he quickly lost all his advantage over Verstappen. At the finish, Pérez gave Alonso second place, went off the track, exceeded the speed limit in the pit lane and even staged a minor accident there. Only the red flag allowed Cheko to reach at least fourth place.

Photo: Francois Nel/Getty Images

Logan Sergeant

The American suffered the second accident in two days. The team said Logan lost control of the car due to hydraulic problems and power steering failure, but said the problems arose after the attack on the curb. So do not say that Sargent himself is not to blame for anything. And wouldn’t it be worth slowing down with such interruptions in the operation of the car?

Photo: Lars Baron/Getty Images

Carlos Leclerc

The Monegasque showed impatience at the start of the race. In an attempt to quickly regain position, Charles immediately engaged the McLaren of Oscar Piastri. And it seems that the contact was not strong, but on the Ferrari not only the front wing was broken, but also the underside was badly damaged. Thus Leclerc, in a circle, deprived himself of the possibility of scoring points.

Photo: Peter Fox/Getty Images

Yuki Tsunoda

Even before the start of the race, Tsunoda and the team made the joint wrong decision to drive to the finish line for a long, long time with only one set of “software”. And yes, the soft tires held, but all the rivals on new tires drove much faster and eventually “devoured” the Japanese, knocking him out of the points zone. Late in the race, Tsunoda was unable to warm up the intermediate tires and fell further, later also receiving a five-second penalty for touching Russell.

Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

guanyu zhou

The Chinese Alfa Romeo driver had a solid race, even achieving a second intermediate place. However, Zhou gradually backed down. Everything was crossed out by Guanyu’s accident closer to the finish line. Yes, Zhou was unlucky that the rain in the first corner intensified in front of him, but this does not negate the fact of the start. Hamilton at the same time was limited to driving on the shoulder.

Photo: Peter Fox/Getty Images

George Russell

The Briton trusted in vain in a team that did not wait too long for it to rain in the first few laps of the race; as a result, Russell fell to the back of the pack from third place. A long tough stage brought George back into the points, but after the restart Russell did not share track with Norris, suffered a puncture and finished last.

Photo: Lars Baron/Getty Images

Lando Norris

The owner of the second starting position, together with the team, took unnecessary risks in the first laps. In an attempt to outwit Verstappen and take the lead, Norris ultimately lost his chances for a podium finish and spent the rest of the race living on the brink of points. In the end, Lando was unable to hold off Hamilton and handed Lewis sixth.

The main thing about the race in Zandvoort:

Formula 1 performance in the Netherlands! Downpour, sea of ​​mistakes and accidents

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