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Monday, October 2, 2023
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Who is the worst Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix driver?

Date: October 2, 2023 Time: 07:00:36

Who is the worst Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix driver?

July 23, 2023

Saturday’s hero is probably the leading contender for the race’s biggest loser title.

Starting with the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix, we start a new section. Now, after the end of the race, we offer you to choose the worst driver yourself. Also, in this ranking survey, we urge you to evaluate the performance of the pilots. the day of the race. That is, it turns out such an award “Rider of the Day upside down.”

According to the results of the race at the Hungaroring, the editors selected seven contenders for the title of worst driver, and now only you will determine the name of the “laureate”.

Use the ▼▲ arrows to select and write in the comments why you made this choice!

Important: the “Ranking” functionality is available only in the normal version of the “Championship”. If you entered this material via a search page, you will see a list generated without voting buttons.

Who is the worst Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix driver?

Photo: Dan Mullan/Getty Images

guanyu zhou

Oh, what a wonderful qualification Guanyu knocked out so quickly! And it’s okay for the Alfa Romeo driver to fail at the start, perhaps it really was a purely technical issue. But Zhou’s actions in the first turn can no longer be attributed to him, when he failed to slow down in time, he crashed into Riccardo’s Alpha Tauri causing a two-Alpin crash. Five seconds for such a mistake is a very liberal punishment. Well, Zhou finished in a dismal 16th place at the end.

Photo: Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Carlos Leclerc

Not the most successful racing driver “Ferrari”. Yes, the Scuderia mechanics partly let him down, holding on for nine seconds into the pit stop, but Charles decided to return the courtesy out of courtesy and over-speeded himself in pit lane during the second pit stop. As a result, a five second penalty and the loss of position with respect to Russell.

Photo: Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Valtteri Bottas

The Finnish Alfa Romeo driver was partly affected by the slow start of Guanyu Zhou in front of him, but Bottas himself was not up to the task. He lost the fight on the first lap with Nico Hulkenberg, then lost a couple more rivals on the “soft”, and in the second half of the distance he was unable to do anything with Alex Albon in contention for 11th place. Weak for such an experienced rider.

Photo: Peter Fox/Getty Images

kevin magnusen

Another boring race for the Dane. If Hulkenberg at least shines in the ratings, Kevin initially starts off far and cannot prove himself to him in any way. Not to say that the Haas driver did something terrible in the race, but only Sargent’s spin and the American’s retirement in the pits saved Magnussen from last place in the final standings.

Photo: Peter Fox/Getty Images

yuki tsunoda

On Daniel Riccardo’s return to F-1, the Japanese more or less reacted. Also, the Australian was involved in the start accident, but still managed to finish the race ahead of Tsunoda. It doesn’t justify Yuki’s 15th position, not even a mechanical hitch in one of the pit stops.

Photo: Francois Nel/Getty Images

logan sergeant

The American spent a race without color, while his teammate was once again on the edge of the points zone -Albon did not have enough to remove at least one of the favorites to the top 10-. To top it off, it was Sargent who became the author of the rollover in the last few laps of the race, after which the team, just in case, issued a recall.

Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Oscar Piastri

The Australian bid may seem unexpected, but we remind you that we are only watching the race, not the whole weekend. And in this race, Piastri suddenly lost momentum after the first pit stop and ended up losing nearly 30 seconds to Norris, losing Hamilton and Perez along the way. If this is a consequence of damage after driving to the curb, then the questions are all the same for Oscar himself.

This was the race in Hungary:


Both “Alpins” were eliminated in the first turn, Hamilton missed from pole position. What was the Hungarian GP?

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