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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Who is to blame for the ridiculous accident of the Mercedes drivers and what will stop Verstappen? analysis

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 11:29:27

Who is to blame for the ridiculous accident of the Mercedes drivers and what will stop Verstappen? analysis

June 6, 2023 19:30 UTC Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Egor Orudzhev – about the main points and results of the Spanish F-1 Grand Prix.

Permanent expert of the “Championship”, bronze medalist of the Formula V8 3.5 series Egor Orudzhev answered the main questions after the results of the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, which ended with a resounding victory for Max Verstappen.

Is the title fight over? What can stop Verstappen?

Obviously nothing at the moment. Just total bad luck with technical breakdowns. In other versions, the title will be with it.

Why is Barcelona so specific that many teams have problems with the tires and with the behavior of the cars?

Lots of fast tight turns. The tires are very hard, and when you go in the current, it becomes very difficult. From this and the difficulties in balancing the car. It is banal in practice that you can ride more or less alone and find a good balance, but in the race after 6-7 laps in a “package” you will have more slippage both in front of and behind the car. So this rubber will go faster and you’ll get an imbalance that wasn’t there in training. And long, long turns contribute to this.

What do you think of the clash between Russell and Hamilton in qualifying? Who is to blame, who did what wrong?

In the video, George clearly deliberately left no room for Lewis to get a clean circle. No matter what they say, it’s great that they don’t do dirty laundry in public and don’t make loud comments. Although for the partners, the incident is quite serious.

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Which driver error during qualifying seemed the most serious and why?

To be honest, there is no one to score – everyone made a mistake, just slipped on wet asphalt or a sidewalk. Although for the level of F-1 in general, there are many errors.

How do you explain two blocks at once from Gasly in qualifying? And the engineer warned him about Sainz

Stupidity, inattention … I don’t even know how else to describe it!

Two “Mercedes” on the podium – is it possible to call them the second force in the peloton, or is it too early to draw conclusions?

I think it is very likely. If the cars are good in Barcelona, ​​they will look good everywhere. I think they will now be the second force. And if you’re lucky, by the end of the year they can catch up with Red Bull, especially when Max officially formalizes the title.

Verstappen was asked not to take any chances due to track limit violations, but he still set the fastest lap. Isn’t that childish?

Childish perhaps, but they can afford it. In general, they can do whatever they want – the result is already known!

Did Norris make a mistake at the start or was he not to blame for the wing damage in the first turn?

Yes, there was a mistake – Lando simply did not calculate. I think, from his angle, he may not have seen that Sainz was opening up more and that Lewis would slow down more to get out of the corner better.

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Was Tsunoda fairly punished for fighting Zhou? To what extent do the pilots understand the limit of what is acceptable in the fight?

There are a lot of double standards in Formula 1. And this again was proof of that. Sometimes it will happen, sometimes it won’t. But in fact, Yuki did not leave a place. Yes, no contact. I can only say that 7-8 years ago in the Renault 3.5 World Series I had the opposite experience: for a similar moment they gave a penalty to the driver who cut. True, he defended himself, and I got in, but also when I entered the ski, I didn’t leave him a spot in the middle of the turn. He cut back, held the position and then received a penalty.

Is it sad to see that little by little all cars become like Red Bull?

To be honest, I’m not sad. If it’s fast and it works, why reinvent the wheel? After all, another concept won’t come close to Red Bull now, and everyone needs the result here and now. Though I’m sure if they weren’t so far behind everyone, the other teams would spend more time implementing their ideas, rather than copying them.

Key points from the Spanish Grand Prix:

“Ferrari” is still a nightmare, and “Mercedes” managed to surprise. Results of the F-1 Spanish Grand Prix

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