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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Who to follow until the season opener in the figure? The first showdown is just around the corner!

Date: July 24, 2024 Time: 06:02:27

The figure skating season is moving smoothly towards the opening, but now fans have someone to follow, and even with a special fondness! Competitions abroad are about to start and familiar faces are seen. Former Russian athletes check their readiness before major tournaments and curry favor with the judges. The latter is usually very difficult to achieve. But who knows, maybe Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin will screw this idea up.

In early August, they will perform for the first time as figure skaters of the Georgian national team at a dance challenge in Lake Placid, USA. By the way, there they will meet a former rival on the Russian ice, who, in order to pass under the American flag, organized a fundraiser through crowdfunding.

Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin

The silver medalists of the Russian Ice Dancing Championships 2022 are about to show themselves in a new status: Georgian figure skaters. The fact that Diana and Gleb will henceforth skate for the Georgian national team became known in May. Our figure skating federation let them go in peace, but later made up for the funds spent on them last season. They did not hide the possibility of changing sports citizenship: they honestly admitted that participation in international competitions and the opportunity to compete with the strongest were their priority. The only thing is that they did not disclose which countries are being considered for the transition. Yes, and the fact that Diana had Georgian citizenship, and Gleb – Israel, also turned out to be a surprise.

Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin

Photo: Gavriil Grigorov/TASS

After the Beijing Olympics, Diana and Gleb have never competed anywhere. We just participated in a couple of shows on ice. However, on August 1, they will finally return to combat formation and show what they have learned during the forced downtime.

They had a serious breakup, almost a year and a half. To win the sympathy of the judges, they need to make a lot of effort. Layoffs this long are always detrimental to the competitive reputation of skaters. In the dance form, as the most subjective in figure skating, even more so. It is very important that the referees remember the couple. How much they remember Diana and Gleb, we will find out very soon.

In addition to the results of Diana and Gleb at the Lake Placid tournament, it is very interesting if Eteri Tutberidze will come to support them. Usually a well-known coach tries to take part in the key events of the daughter. The debut in the Georgian national team and the return to competitions after a long break can definitely be counted among such events. And the early start of the season in Russia allows you to calmly leave the trainees for training without personal control.

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Ivan Desyatov

In Lake Placid, Diana and Gleb will meet Ivan Desyatov for the first time in several years, with whom they competed in the junior period. Unlike them, Ivan is not new to riding under the flag of another country. Before the Olympic season, he and his then-partner Ekaterina Andreeva joined the Belarusian national team, and in the spring of 2022 he traveled to the US, where he duoed with Isabella Flores. The athletes wasted no time and immediately began to participate in local American tournaments. They even participated in the national championship, where they took tenth place. But they could not go to international competitions – the Belarusian Federation did not give Ivan a release.

The ransom conditions for Ivan were harsh: compensation for preparation costs in the amount of $25,000. To raise the necessary amount, Isabella posted a call for help on one of the crowdfunding platforms. Fans and people who care were quick to connect with the Russian boy issue and raise most of the funds for him.

Now the young American duo is eager to quench their thirst at international tournaments and actively demonstrates their preparation on social media. The competitions in Lake Placid are not their first in the new season, and trips to national starts in the United States helped them not lose competitive momentum. Therefore, they will not allow anyone to be easily overlooked.

By the way, Diana and Gleb will have to take revenge on the rivalry between the former Russians. The last meeting with Desyatov in the Russian championship a few years ago ended in defeat for them.

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Anastasia Gubanova

The current European champion skidded badly in the World Championship, which blurred the end of the season. But now it’s time to open a second wind and start chasing new medals. Although Nastya skates for Georgia, it is obvious to everyone that she is Russian. In addition, the girl is still training with Evgeny Rukavitsyn in St. Petersburg, so her performances at competitions are always a reminder that figure skating is impossible without Russia. And for fans, this is a great reason not to stop following what is happening in foreign competitions. Still, Nastya was liked by many viewers in Russia, bewitching with her magical slip and her grace.

It is not yet known if he will appear in some starts before the Grand Prix stages. Perhaps she will participate somewhere on the eve of the main competitions to check her readiness for the main tournaments and recharge for another tough fight in the women’s singles.

Anastasia Gubanova

Photo: Joosep Martinson/Getty Images

We will definitely cross our fingers for Nastya and believe that she will not cede leadership in Europe to foreigners, and this time she will remain on the defensive in the world.

Although above all we are going to believe in the return of our skaters to the international arena next season. Although without a series of Grand Prix. But for the third time, handing over championship titles without our own is truly wild.

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