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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Why I gave up tea and coffee and what came of it. Personal history and doctor’s opinion.

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 16:29:03

Vedic astrologer, runologist, tarot reader, specialist in working with energies

I used to constantly drink coffee and black tea, but over time I began to notice a breakdown. In addition, when you include these drinks in your daily diet, you completely stop feeling the taste and smell of other products. At the same time, I work with energy practices and meditations, so I try to increase my resource status. This prompted me to conduct an experiment and for 10 days to exclude from my life all drinks containing caffeine and taurine (ie coffee and tea).

To maintain his willpower, he decided to draw on the energy of the Teyvaz rune (develop courage), since it increases resistance to all addictions.

Runes are an ancient writing with which you can activate certain energies and influence your life. For example, with the help of this I was able to quit smoking. In order to resist bad habits, every morning she would draw a special sign on her left hand with a red pen.

I used to have two cups of freshly ground coffee every day. To be honest, I felt a bit uncomfortable starting my morning without this drink.

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First day

I had the feeling that something was missing, namely the smell of coffee. After drinking the chamomile tea and inhaling the smell of coffee beans, the craving for the invigorating drink disappeared. I fell asleep easier and slept soundly.

Second day

In the morning I woke up lighter than usual, but I still wanted coffee…or the smell of it. I decided to repeat yesterday’s ritual: I inhaled the smell of coffee beans and drank chamomile. Feelings continued to improve.

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The third day

There was even more energy. I managed to accomplish a lot during the day and fell asleep earlier than usual with a light feeling. By the way, I no longer inhaled coffee beans. From the third day the experiment continued without difficulty. True, in the evening I wanted sweet black tea, but I replaced it with chamomile with cinnamon and a drop of honey.

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The next few days were even easier. Every day added more energy, improved sleep, woke up and fell asleep more easily.

So little by little I got into the natural biorhythms. Concentration increased, the brain began to work better, and in general the general state improved. Now I only drink a cup of coffee or tea once every seven to ten days, depending on the mood, and I enjoy the process.

doctor’s opinion

clinical geneticist, nutritionist and UniProf Academy of Physicians expert

The effect of coffee and tea on our body depends not only on “love or not love” for the drink, but on our genetic characteristics of its absorption, tolerance and elimination time.

The time during which coffee and tea somehow affect our body depends on how quickly the body can digest them. Normally, caffeine breaks down in an average of five hours, in children it is faster, in just three or four hours, since their metabolism is faster.

Of key importance in this process is the gene (enzyme) responsible for how quickly the body “digests” caffeine and tannins (tea).

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Caffeine is mainly metabolized in the liver. In people with a breakdown of this enzyme, coffee is processed much more slowly, which not only leads to a state of “overload” with a drink, but also slows down the cleansing of the liver.

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These people can be “addicted” to coffee and tannins as a light “drug”, feeling the effect of excitement for a longer time. However, caffeine and tannins deplete fluid, overloading the kidneys. Therefore, the rejection of coffee in people addicted to invigorating drinks gives a quick feeling of lightness and cleanliness, as in the case of the heroine of the story.

Who should give up caffeinated drinks and what can replace them?

Exclude these drinks from the diet for people with:

skin hyperpigmentation (especially suddenly acquired, with excess moles); excessive secretion of fat through the pores of the face or body; pathologies of the liver and kidneys; high platelets and a tendency to thick blood; hypertension or tendency to increase blood pressure; overweight (especially of an edematous nature).

You can replace them with:

cocoa, but it is also advisable not to get too carried away; any flower or tisane; for lovers of bitter and bright tastes – ginger, infusions of Siberian fir diluted in water, saffron, mint, wormwood in the form of tea or infusions, chicory, chamomile;

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grapefruit juice or fruit with or without lemon, bitter herbs (artichoke leaves, dandelion roots, milk thistle seeds) which are excellent for supporting liver function.

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