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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Why there are no forces: 10 channels where we drain energy without realizing it

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 01:14:01


When there is a lot, we are full of enthusiasm and ready to move mountains. When it’s not enough, we find it hard to even get out of bed. Meanwhile, almost every day a person wastes energy from him, not at all noticing where and what he is going. I propose you to analyze ten specific channels and learn not to exhaust your inner resource.

1. Pending tasks

Our brain is designed in such a way that when some process is left incomplete, it is considered as a task that must be completed and appears periodically, reminding us of itself. Unfinished business puts pressure on the psyche, creates unpleasant emotions and drains energy. It also includes debts and broken promises. The easiest thing to do in the first case is to give. In the second – apologize, admit that you will not complete this business.

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2. Bad habits

Smoking, overeating, alcohol – all this causes the body to spend resources to eliminate toxins and recover. As a result, the nervous system, kidneys, intestines, and some other bodily functions suffer greatly. This is especially felt after long vacations, when we feel heavy, lazy and have a hard time doing anything.

3. Fear

When we experience it, the body is in stress mode and preparing to fight for survival. It doesn’t matter if you really have to do it later or if everything happens only in your thoughts. In any case, vital forces are allocated for this.

Processing information, the brain spends a lot of energy. Unnecessary fears and worries consume adrenal hormones, which can lead to kidney failure. And also – to a feeling of fatigue and exhaustion.

A complete guide to working in this direction can be found here:

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4. Lack of sleep

During sleep, all our organs and body cells are renewed. Each has its own standard. On average, healthy sleep is six to nine hours. To learn your personal norm, allow yourself to wake up without an alarm clock on a day off. This will make it clear how many hours you need for a full recovery. If a person does not get enough sleep or does it in the wrong position, he does not renew his strength and does not replenish wasted energy reserves. As a result, the body’s biorhythms go astray and the brain becomes overloaded with information.

5. lie

When a person deceives, he has to spend a huge amount of strength and energy to remember and maintain a fictitious image or story. There’s a chance that while we’re counting, we might let it slip, so we have to keep two realities in our heads at once: one real and one made up. For the brain, this is a very large load. And for the body – tension.

According to Eastern medicine, when we lie, we distort the flow of energy between the throat chakra and the heart chakra, the most important organ in the human body. This negatively affects health.

This refers to deception of any kind: hypocrisy, self-deception, as well as attempts to appear as someone you really are not.

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6. Living in the past or in the future

The habit of thinking about everything and scrolling through your head, correcting the situation that has happened and considering the missed opportunities, requires a lot of energy. Life in the past, like life in the future, draws resources from the present. You need to define your values ​​today. What is important to you here and now? Meditation helps clear the mind.

7. Excessive sex

During the sexual act, a person exchanges with his partner: he takes energy from him and gives him his own. Too much sex can lead to nervous and physical exhaustion. This is expressed in a strong feeling of tiredness, apathy, distraction, emotional imbalance. In addition, sex is a physical load on the body, during which we lose a large amount of water.

8. Negative emotions

Envy, resentment, shame, guilt do not help solve problems. All our energy is spent on combating them and on general harmonization. They eat us from the inside, preventing us from looking at the world in a positive way. When guilt is imposed on a person, this is one of the ways to take away energy and manipulate it. Negative emotions need to be worked on and released. It is difficult to do this on your own. It is better to consult a specialist.

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9. Inability to say “no”

Not protecting our personal boundaries and not being able to say “no” in time, we are forced to follow other people’s instructions all the time and implement ideas that are not our own. It takes a lot of energy and deprives the feeling of pleasure from life. It’s like we start to function under pressure and forget about our true desires. And meanwhile, saying “no” is natural and normal. Trust me, people are ready to be rejected. The world will not collapse if we give up something and do what we really want.

10. Old things and chaos

An apartment full of garbage does not fill with energy, but takes it away. We are especially affected by things that we do not like, but for some reason we do not throw them away.

General chaos in space is also dangerous. It is better to live by the principle of “few things, but all are loved” than “many things, but nothing to wear.” Chaos without creates chaos within us. Regular cleaning of the space, donating things to a charitable foundation can be a great solution.

Sometimes there is enough energy, but the procrastination collapses. To do?

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