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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Will there be tantrums this time? Almost every fight between Medvedev and Tsitsipas is a scandal

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 06:18:23

In the Rome Masters, the quarterfinal matches have ended. The third racket in the world, the Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev, beat the German Yannick Hanfman in two sets, and the representative of Greece Stefanos Tsitsipas, in turn, did not give up a single game to the Croatian Borne Coric (by the way, he is not the more suitable opponent). Thus, the grid of the Italian “thousand” brought together the Russian and the Greek – two “sworn friends” – for the 1/2 final of the tournament. Their head-to-head showdown will take place on Saturday, May 20.

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It’s always exciting when two talented players meet on the tennis court, but the match becomes even more notorious when added to the scandal. This note is constantly present when it comes to the matchup between Tsitsipas and Medvedev. They first met five years ago, and since then both players have established themselves as top-class tennis players on the men’s tour. Among themselves, the athletes managed to play as many as 11 (!) Matches. At the same time, the 27-year-old Moscow native won seven of these fights, including his first meeting.

story one

It all started with the Miami Masters in 2018, when Medvedev defeated Tsitsipas in the first round. After the handshake, the Greek muttered something impartial to his opponent, who after that turned serious. “You’d better shut up! OK? Stephanos, do you want to see me? Do you have a problem? Do you urgently need to go to the bathroom for five minutes? Don’t apologize after the rebounds and consider yourself a nice guy? Look at me ! Look at me!” Daniel yelled at his opponent sitting on the bench.

It is worth noting that Medvedev decided to speak so sharply in English, and not in Russian, which the native of Athens understands perfectly. It’s no secret that Stefanos is the son of Soviet tennis player Yulia Salnikova and speaks his mother’s native language well. This famous Greek later demonstrated it on more than one occasion in numerous interviews and at press conferences. Yulia Sergeevna herself during the tournament in Astana also admitted that her son uses Russian in communication.

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Let’s go back to Miami. Most likely, Daniil would have moved closer to the opponent if the tower judge had not intervened in the case. “He started it. He said “fucking Russian”. Do you think this is normal? I answered him because he doesn’t know how to fight. He’s a little guy, he doesn’t know how to fight. If he had been silent, he wouldn’t have had any problems. But if he says something, he is looking for a conflict, then let him at least look at me, ”Medvedev said then.

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Tsitsipas, however, decided not to reply to Daniel. Stefanos walked off the pitch while the Russian player was talking to the referee. Subsequently, he had to respond to criticism, which, of course, fell on him. “I had nothing against Medvedev, he was just disappointed with the way he behaved. But I did not break down, I did not complain about the opponent, that he was so angry. For some reason, after that, everyone turned against me, began to condemn, send threats. I lost and also got all this. In general, this whole situation during the handshake was wrong. I felt like we were in MMA. It provoked me, at least I thought so, but maybe I was wrong. But I didn’t want to continue,” Tsitsipas said.

However, unexpectedly, shortly after the incident, the conflict seemed to have been resolved, and the tennis players even flew on the same commercial plane and took a common photo for one of the social networks. It is worth noting that both tennis players have repeatedly stated that normal friendly relations have been established between them, but they are unlikely to go to a joint dinner.

Tsitsipas, Medvedev, Kiryos

Photo: From Medvedev’s personal archive.

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“You better shut up!” Medvedev lost his temper after a provocation in a tournament in Miami 2018

Caption: Nick Kyrgios with Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas

In particular, the two-time TBSH finalist, in response to a question from one of the fans, noted, “Most likely, this is the only time in my life where I got angry during a meeting with my opponent.” “But let all that be in the past,” he added. “Let’s forget about that and move on.”

story two

A new flame of enmity flared up in October 2019, when Medvedev again beat his opponent for the fifth time in a row: this happened in the semifinal of the “thousand” in Shanghai. The Russian then won in two games, and the Greek himself decided to share a comment after this confrontation, touching on the previous battle between the players: “I don’t want to sound rude at all, but this is very boring. Bored. So boring that… I don’t know. He has a powerful serve, and if you can get it, then there’s a rally that goes on forever.

Daniel, of course, was affected by the above, and did not stay out of the situation. “I wouldn’t say that I have a special relationship with Tsitsipas, but I have to be honest: after the interview with him in Shanghai, I told myself that now I probably won’t forgive him, I will remember everything I see. Everything I see, I will say on camera. If he thinks he can say those things, I’ll hurt him. If it’s thrash talk, then it’s thrash talk. I think there is such an opinion. He probably would have heard it from anyone else, but I don’t think anyone else would say that. (….) Stefanos – apparently, I offended him a lot with something: I don’t understand why. But that means I will offend him more. At the time of the flight with Tsitsipas, we were not enemies. But now I will say that we are probably enemies,” Medvedev said.


Photo: Shi Tang/Getty Images

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A month after the start of the next round of the conflict, Tsitsipas finally won the first victory over the “sworn friend.” It happened at the London Final tournament. After that, his paths did not cross on the court until, in 2021, a Muscovite faced the Greek at the Australian Open. After this failure, Stefanos rallied for an offensive loss at Roland Garros. Yes, the Greek and the Russian did not become best friends, but there was no real hatred for each other either. Tsitsipas even congratulated Daniil, calling him his favorite Russian tennis player.

“The other day Medvedev greeted me, he was nice. Our relationship is normal. I don’t hate him, and he doesn’t seem to hate me. He has enormous potential, which he has already shown many times. A very difficult opponent… and, in my opinion, a very calm person. I have no complaints about him. Who is my favorite tennis player? Stefanos Tsitsipas. Who is your favorite Italian player? Maybe Fabio Fognini. Who is my favorite Russian tennis player? Daniil Medvedev,” Tsitsipas said.

In 2022, there was a small incident at the Australian Slam, when Medvedev began to yell at the referee in the tower in a harsh way due to the advice of the eminent Greek father during the fight, but Daniil did not make any personal claims against Stefanos. The last two face-to-face meetings between Medvedev and Tsitsipas in the Cincinnati Masters and in the Final of the Turin tournament passed, surprisingly, without excesses.

Their rivalry continued through the 2023 season. Medvedev ridiculed the world No. 5 in Dubai for his earlier comments about Andrey Rublev about “a meager set of tools”. The historically contentious relationship between the 2021 US Open champion and his rival came to light during the clay leg of the season, when a video surfaced online showing the pair crossing paths leading to the courts in a competition in Rome. The two players seemed to be deliberately ignoring each other’s presence as they passed by. Several fans even claimed that Daniil appeared to be pretending to greet someone in the crowd to avoid suddenly interacting with Tsitsipas.


Photo: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Another notable event ahead of the Rome 2023 semifinal was one of the cases in the sub-tribune of the competition. Stefanos, during a warm-up before the match with the Portuguese Borges, stared at the tournament poster, which represented the current third number in the world ranking. Photographers couldn’t help but capture this moment, which subsequently went viral on social media.

The new duel between Daniil and Stefanos promises to be hot. The two-year-old American Major winner could reach the second clay court final of his career after Barcelona 2019, while his opponent can reach her second final of the season (and boy!). Therefore, the conversations and discussions of tennis fans on the eve of the next face-to-face match do not subside for a minute, given the entire history of the development of relations between players. What awaits all of us on May 20 on the center court of the Foro Italico? We will find out very soon.

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