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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Wishes at least in defense of a mess. CSKA’s match against Rubin at the training ground is alarming

Date: March 23, 2023 Time: 00:39:41


So the winter training camps of the Russian clubs are coming to an end. Already next week, most of them will have to resume the season with matches for the Russian Cup. Thus, for example, for CSKA, the game with Rubin was a general review.

The most amazing thing is the composition, which from the first minutes was released by Vladimir Fedotov. So goalkeeper Vladislav Torop and midfielders Kirill Glebov and Matvey Lukin appeared at the base. Glebov took the left-back position, and Moises moved to the three center backs to Lukin and Willian Roche. But Sasha Zdelar and Jesús Medina in the reserve are no longer surprising.

It was interesting to watch how Rubin approaches spring, who is faced with the task of returning to the RPL. As recalled, Leonid Slutsky resigned immediately after the end of the first part of the season, so the team is led by Yuri Utkulbaev, who is not very well known among the general public, but has a very good reputation among specialists.

In his choice, the most experienced namesakes Alexandra Belenov and Martynovich, as well as Oleg Ivanov, as well as Ilya Samoshnikov, Alexei Gritsaenko, Alexander Lomovitsky and Joel Fameye, familiar to us from the RPL, attracted attention. But Alan Dzagoev was not even in the application, and he just enjoyed football, sitting next to the injured Igor Diveev.


At the start of the match, the army team carried out a series of promising attacks, one of which ended with Samoshnikov elbowing Ivan Oblyakov in the head. The referee immediately signaled the “point”, but then an interesting thing began. Fedor Chalov approached the ball, but the red and blue coach Jorge Carrascal asked his teammate to give him the right to shoot… and he lost the match against Belenov, the main 11-meter specialist among Russian goalkeepers. That the game is not official, but this is a negative point for karma and our idea of ​​the Colombian’s form.

Kazan showed what they had worked on in training camp in the middle of the half. Firstly, they are good from set pieces, and here it is not very clear whether the Rubin players are so good or the Muscovites have not improved so much. For the first time after Alexander Lomovitsky’s sliced ​​serve, striker Merabi Uridia jumped for the ball (just beyond the far post) and then the 36-year-old Ivanov gently flicked it into the center of the penalty area, from where Gritsaenko sent the ball under the stringer in an amazing arc.

Diveev could only be perplexed by the actions of his partners. In another episode, the midfielder Ruslan Bezrukov finished from two and finished right in the center from the penalty area. That time, Torop managed, but he was also helpless when the referee scored a penalty on his goal for hitting Fameye in the face, and anyway Ivanov, as calmly as possible, placed him and the ball in different positions. corners.


In general, CSKA was noticeably disappointed in the first half, with a lack of desire, carelessness in defense, many lost martial arts. Much of this was mapped out in previous games, but the army team often managed to take its toll at the expense of the class. So it is not surprising that during the break Fedotov almost completely changed the composition, with the exception of Lukin.

In the second half, the Muscovites took the initiative for freshness, but this combination of players lacks mutual understanding, so they showed nothing but dynamism and advantage in possession. I only remember the undivided belonging of all standards to Medina, a beautiful kick from the corner of the penalty area by Anton Zabolotny (Belenov retreated) and a brilliant pass from Kirill Ushakov past two defenders, interrupted by a hard tackle from Gritsaenko. The midfielder left a good impression. At least he was the most active and persistent.

And yet it turns out that Rubin was not enough for a Denis Makarov, who was sold after a great season at Dynamo, and Kazan acquired his full namesake for 17 years. It’s too early to draw any conclusions about his prospects. Let’s write it down. The appearance of defender Konstantin Nizhegorodov is also noteworthy, the son of the same Gennady Nizhegorodov, who, as part of Lokomotiv, won two championships and the Russian Cup and was included in the top 33 lists at number one three times. .

The fact that he talks about it in such detail is the best confirmation that the teams didn’t score anything remarkable in the second half. So the army team did not know how to erase the impressions of the first half. I think the fans were not inspired by CSKA’s game at the training ground. Let’s see what will happen in the matches of the Russian Cup with Krasnodar. The first game is Thursday.

Friendly match

CSKA – Rubin – 0:2 (0:2)

goals: Gritsaenko, 26 – 0:1. O. Ivanov, 29 – from the penalty spot – 0:2.

Missed penalty: Carrascal, 10 (goalkeeper).

CSKA (first half): Torop, Rocha, Moises, Gaich, Glebov, Mendez, Kuchaev, Oblyakov, Lukin, Carrascal, Chalov.

CSKA (2nd half): Torop, Shchennikov, Ushakov, Noskov, Mukhin, Kislyak, Lukin, Medina, Zdelar, Ermakov, Zabolotny.

“Ruby”: Belenov, Samoshnikov (Rozhkov, 54), Gritsaenko (Nizhegorodov, 77), Martynovich, Shiryaev (Ashurmatov, 64), Popov, O. Ivanov (Apshatsev, 46), Berzukov, Lomovitsky (Makarov, 61), Uridia (Kostyukov, 81 ) ) ), Fameye (Mitkov, 46).

Warnings: Bezrukov, 8. Shiryaev, 44.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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