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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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With such a Cup, no European cups are needed! Spartak defeated Lokomotiv in a luxury derby

Date: March 30, 2023 Time: 10:09:56


The first match in Cherkizovo last Wednesday made Spartak the favorite of this pair, but it did not leave a solid impression. The rojiblancos had a great first half, but gave up radically in the second, and the railwaymen missed the opportunity to press a hesitant rival. In general, this game was supposed to answer the questions posted on the air five days before.

In the first home game of 2023, Guillermo Abascal released both Anton Zinkovsky and Quincy Promes from the first minutes, who were competing in the left-back position in the fall. This time they had to interact. At the same time, the Dutchman came on as a substitute in Cherkizovo with a lot of weakness, so his appearance was a surprise. Moreover, it is surprising that he did not replace Mikhail Ignatov, but Pavel Meleshin, and therefore there was not a single center forward in the classical sense.

For his part, Mikhail Galaktionov took into account the mistakes of the first game and drew conclusions from what he saw in the second half. In any case, such an explanation suggests itself when you see Anton Miranchuk and the brightest group of strikers in the top three of the central midfielders: Maxim Glushenkov – Artem Dziuba – Sergey Pinyaev. The strongest attacking team of Lokomotiv emphasized the task set for this game.

Photo source: FC Spartak

This probably also explains the choice of Nair Tiknizyan, who is more useful when joining the attack on the left flank of the defence, rather than Maxim Nenakhov. Well, let’s write down the debut for Loko of Argentine central defender Herman Conti.


The teams started the game without recognition and in the center of the field, as if they were taking us to the Dutch championship. Both those and other very famous players came under pressure, but they left a lot of space behind them, which was taken advantage of by quick-footed attacking players. First, Zinkovsky counterattacked Ignatov to score, and then Miranchuk flicked the ball to Pinyaev with a light touch. In both cases, the partners were rescued by goalkeepers Ilya Lantratov and Alexander Maksimenko.

Such a start did not scare the players, and after how many minutes they exchanged goals. The Spartacists were the first to distinguish themselves. Having covered the opponent at the exit of the defense, they handed the ball into the penalty area to Promes, and he rolled it under the blow of Ignatov, who perfectly turned the ball into the far corner.

However, before Spartak had time to rejoice, the Loko players rallied. At first, they entrenched themselves in the penalty area and took out Tiknizyan to shoot, but again they saved Maksimenko, and then they played excellently on the rebound, and Miranchuk, in a magnificent jump ahead of Georgiy Jikia at the near post, deftly closed the take out. from the same Tiknizyan. Wow!

Photo source: FC Lokomotiv


Spartacus sobered up the return goal. They changed the speeds to more controlled ones, and due to the increased teamwork, they seemed to have a bit more control over the game. The railway workers still tried to attack the opponent’s penalty area, but they were tired, or they lacked equipment, or mutual understanding, but in the last third of the field they had a lot of unforced marriage.

Spartak spent the final segment of the half in a positional attack. What the locals lacked was a tall center forward, for, having entangled the penalty area with a web of passes, they tried to take out one of their teammates only with a low pass. It’s understandable. It is not necessary to expect from Ignatov that he collects sheds.

The game seems to have started to calm down, but at the end of the half it blew up with two episodes. First, Promes received a moving pass and hit Lantratov hard, from where the ball hit the post. And then Miranchuk opened up from deep and went down one on one with Maksimenko, but in the fight against Daniil Khlusevich he missed the ball and collapsed. The episode was controversial, shooting quite a bit on the penalty spot, but neither Sergei Ivanov nor the referees found fault in the VAR.

How can we not remember that in the first game the video assistants were not on the side of the railwaymen either, annulling their goal in the end?

Photo source: FC Lokomotiv


The second half started just as chaotic as the first. Both teams were quick to score but risked conceding. So, Dziuba, having drawn the standard, knocked down Stanislav Magkeev, but hit over the crossbar. In another episode, Miranchuk hit under the defender, but Maksimenko once again showed a great reaction.

The Spartacists had their moments, but the one that caused Abascal’s swap during the break worked. Pavel Meleshin came on for Zinkovsky and went to the center of the attack, while Ignatov went to the right flank. There he imposed martial arts on Tiknizyan, about which they will argue until they are hoarse. Spartak used their hands and the defender failed to keep their balance, followed by a pass through the middle to Zobnin and a biting kick into the far corner. To the surprise of many (including mine), Ivanov once again sided with the hosts, even after being called to the monitor.


The teams did not slow down until the end of the game, which is especially striking considering that this is only the second official game for them after the season resumed. If the players are now able to support that pace, what will happen next? Even at the end, Promes ran like him in the first minutes, and in the 81st minute he ran down the left side, after which he shot accurately into the far corner. Lantratov received the ball in a graceful jumper, but hit it right past Christopher Martins Pereira. The nominal defensive midfielder comes on as a right winger for the second time in a row, a fact we haven’t realized yet.

To the credit of the guests, they did not give up even with three less in the sum of two games and managed to upset Maksimenko, who was tired of performing miracles, once again. It was Miranchuk who perfectly deflected the ball into a corner from outside the penalty area. But there were not enough railway workers for more, and they go to the bottom of the grid for the Cup of Russia. And Spartak ended this derby with a penalty won, but not taken by Promes, and goes to the semifinals of the RPL Way, where Ural, having passed Rostov, broke through.

And Spartak finished this derby with two (!) penalties won in stoppage time. Lantratov won the first duel against Promes, but the second was destroyed by the referees, who pointed out that the goalkeeper left the goal early. And now the third attempt of the Dutchman was a success. The rojiblancos advance to the semifinals of the RPL Path, where Ural, which passed through Rostov, reaches them.

Russian Cup. RPL path. Quarter finals. game of return

Spartak – Lokomotiv – 4:2 (1:1)

Goals: Ignatov, 15 – 1:0. Miranchuk, 17 – 1:1. Zobnin, 56 – 2:1. Martins, 81-3:1. Miranchuk, 83 – 3:2. Promises, 90+9 – 4:2.

Missed penalty: Promes, 90+4 (goalkeeper).

Spartak: Maksimenko, Denisov (Tavaresh, 87), N. Chernov, Jikia, Khlusevich, Zobnin, Litvinov (Balde, 87), Prutsev, Zinkovsky (Meleshin, 46), Ignatov (Martins, 73), Promes.

Lokomotiv: Lantratov, Smolnikov, Magkeev, Konti, Tiknizyan, Barinov, Karpukas (Kulikov, 77), Miranchuk, Glushenkov (Kamano, 59), Pinyaev (Ignatiev, 77), Dziuba.

Warnings: Glushenkov, 18. Khlusevich, 43. Zinkovsky, 44. Barinov, 61. Ignatov, 70. Tiknizyan, 75.

Referee: Ivanov (Rostov-on-Don).

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