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“With the only one.” How Rozanova and the former student Tutberidze were captured by the ocean of love

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 09:10:56

When Sergey Rozanov just came to work in Khrustalny in 2017, the young figure skater Polina Shuboderova, on the contrary, left this forge of champions. So, the student of Eteri Tutberidze and the young and ambitious coach could hardly imagine that one day their paths would not just cross, but merge into one.

They both went through difficult times. After leaving Tutberidze, Polina never appeared in competition again and was eventually done with the sport. Sergey managed to tarnish his name after building a career in Plushenko’s Angels in 2020. He didn’t stay there for long and is now building a new reputation for himself by training athletes at one of Moscow’s figure skating schools.

However, all these difficulties now do not matter, because fate gave Polina and Sergey the most important thing – love. Their hearts suddenly met and excitedly beat in unison.

Now the social networks of lovers are full of romantic shots that without words show all the tenderness of their feelings!

The difficult story of coach Rozanov:

“You can’t insult children.” Former coach Tutberidze and Plushenko became persona non grata

The novel was not immediately suspect.

As a figure skater, 20-year-old Polina Shuboderova was not remembered for any victories, but she was noted for a lengthy interview about her experience with Tutberidze. Despite her harsh training in Khrustalny, she understands that it was there that she achieved her best results.

“More advantages, of course. The experience I got there is invaluable. Many dream of going to it, feeling this endless working atmosphere. And I was there for two years. Yeah, it didn’t work, but it’s also my fault. Still, it’s my fault. But I do not regret having behaved in this way. In any case, I realized what such results are worth, ”Shuboderova told Sport Express.

Sergey Rozanov also visited Tutberidze’s hall in his youth, but he is known to the general public mainly as one of his coaches. True, ex. He glorified, in fact, the transition to the Angels of Plushenko. Especially against the background of Alena Kostornaya’s flight there in the summer of 2020. Many expected Rozanov to revive the European champion after the pandemic and return to the top places.

Plushenko, Kostornaya and Rozanov

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Unfortunately, expectations were not met. Also, throughout the season, fans and the media watched Rozanov’s group on the Angels fade away. For inexplicable reasons, his students dropped out, and then he himself left the Plushenko Academy.

Sergei’s reputation was seriously damaged, for some time he was in the shadows. But last season things went well for the specialist. With a new student, who represents Hungary, he participated in various international competitions, including the world junior championship. But the most important thing is that he found a soul mate in the person of Polina Shuboderova. So fortune decreed that the former coach and figure skater Tutberidze formed a brilliant love union.

For the first time Polina and Sergey noticed each other in February of this year. They visited the cabaret theater at the invitation of Rozanov’s friend, the famous actor Rinal Mukhametov. However, they did not suspect an affair: after all, a rather large age difference – 13 years – may have lulled the vigilance of observant fans.

Sergey Rozanov and Polina Shuboderova with Rinal Mukhametov

Photo: From the personal archive of Sergei Rozanov.

Italian passions and hot vacations

In the end, Rozanov decided to open the novel. In mid-March, he posted on social networks a vague but more than clear photo of kissing Polina on the temple. Briefly signed: Amor (“love”). In the comments, former solo skater Maria Sotskova was quick to thank the post, writing: “Wonderful.”

Sergei Rozanov and Polina Shuboderova

Photo: from the personal archive of Sergei Rozanov.

Polina dared to open the relationship to the public a little later. In early April, she posted a romantic frame on social networks, holding hands with Sergei in a cozy restaurant. And two weeks later, the girl filmed a bed on which a huge heart was covered with rose petals. Inside it was filled with a bunch of photos of Polina with Sergey.

In May, the lovers simultaneously made the same post with cute images and the caption “love” in Italian. There was no need to explain feelings in long sentences – body language perfectly conveyed the “chemistry” between them. If someone at that time still doubted the status of their relationship, then after this publication they were convinced that this was not some light and fleeting pastime, but great passionate love.

Sergei Rozanov and Polina Shuboderova

Photo: From the personal archive of Sergei Rozanov.

However, the new figure skating couple made a real fire on social media and went on vacation. On a distant shore, they plunged into the ocean of love and shared their happiness with subscribers on social networks. Both of them actively began to upload common photos in a hug, as well as kisses and a couple of rather racy videos.

“With the only one,” Rozanov signed in English one of the series of photos with his beloved on the beach on social networks.

Sergei Rozanov and Polina Shuboderova

Photo: From the personal archive of Sergei Rozanov.

Pauline did the same. The pictures show how she shines next to her boyfriend and is heated not only by the sun, but also by the warmth of her care.

Sergey himself seems to have acquired an elusive softness and lightness that he does not allow himself to show on the rink with his students. But next to the beautiful lover, his heart melts and he turns a strict, results-focused coach into a sweet book romance.

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