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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Without beer and Europe. Yaremenko replica

Date: June 9, 2023 Time: 13:39:21


A very strange sight (more precisely, a reading room) has happened in the last two days. A snowball was rolling through all sports media and channels, gaining speed and mass – we went to negotiate with UEFA! Why, the time is drawing near when we shall be forgiven! Well, it means, quite rightly, that we stayed in Europe and did not go to Asia, not far away is our reintegration to where, it seems, we were expelled for many years.

We went to the negotiations and here we go: oh, they are back for their own! They extended our suspension again! Why give me hope?

And you, excuse me, what did you expect, dear? What has changed in the year since the first “ban”? Hope is actually something ephemeral, you cannot touch it with your hands. “Your expectations are your problems,” as a little intriguer from St. Petersburg rightly said on a completely different occasion.

We turned to UEFA with a meeting request – they met. How should it have been? Curtain and hide? Or do something else, well, there … deprive the championship of the certificate, forbid foreigners to play in it, cancel friendly matches of the national team forever?

No, European football officials behave quite loyally and according to the rules. There is nothing to forgive yet, from what we were told directly. So bro, what are we making noise?


I have a beloved girl from the State Duma. Like many who are interested in sports I guess. Her name is Svetlana Zhurova. She was not light blue until she was 35 years old. But at her last Olympic Games in Turin in 2006, where most people didn’t believe in her anymore, she had a fantastic run in the 500 and won her only Olympic medal. She was 35 years old, older than today, Comrade Dzyuba, a world veteran of sports.

There was not so much charm for us: after the first big doping scandals that gripped Russia in Salt Lake City four years earlier, there was a catastrophic story with Olga Pyleva, who was forced to secretly leave Italy under cover of night. , because there doping – is a serious criminal offense. And in the middle of those jambs was that great victory. Real athletes differ in that they do not see obstacles – they set a goal and go towards it. For I can’t, for clenching my teeth, for holding on and winning.

Such a victory was a huge investment in the future: then the athlete had already climbed the rungs of the professional ladder. I love Svetlana very much, to be honest, she is a very cheerful and good friend, I personally have never done any meanness. But in the Duma there was no longer any overcoming through -I can’t- there are other laws.

Unfortunately, there is no law on what to prohibit deputies from speaking. Unfortunately, they, logically, do not know anything else. And therefore they actively comment on exactly everything that comes to mind.

Then Smolov and Mamaev made a decision, they decided to stop spending the money that is easily generated around them and invest in a football academy in Dubai. A considerable number of our compatriots live in these expensive visa-free regions, so there will definitely be demand for it – a worthwhile investment! But Svetlana Zhurova deals a crushing blow to the initiative of these comrades:

– I only have one question: if they do it for their own money, then it is more correct to do it in Russia after all. Who raised them when they were children? Therefore, it is more correct to spend on our children. Remember that they simply fled from the mobilization.

In this text absolutely everything is luxury. It’s hard to even argue. Talk about what parents and family raise, and not the territory in which you are? Or that business investments exist for maximum profit later? This is clear to everyone. Well, except for the deputies, of course.


Deputies are specific people. They are clearly being pollinated there at Okhotny Ryad. It is impossible to collect such specimens one by one so that they all converge one to one.

Before you have time to digest the following statements about Smolov and Mamaev from Mrs. Zhurova, a new phenomenon immediately grows on this bed of pesticides.

Svezhak was on time: the deputies propose to allow the placement of beer advertising on the facades of sports facilities. In other words, while everyone awaits the much-promised return of beer to stadiums (one of the bases for the well-being of sports clubs and leagues around the world), our deputies contribute their know-how. Let’s say, first draw beer on the podium. As they already joke on the channels, if there are no riots, let’s think about real beer.

Is it like the old joke? Learn to serve: do you pour water into the pool?

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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