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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Zenit showed Spartak who is the real champion

Date: July 16, 2024 Time: 21:12:11

Zenit showed Spartak who is the real champion

Anatoly Romanov August 20, 2023, 21:50 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

With such Wendel and Malk is not needed.

“Derby of the two capitals” – for “Zenith”! Many experts called Spartak the favorite for this match, but it turned out 1:3.

Guillermo Abascal and Sergey Semak surprised the fans and possibly each other with their lineups. Spartak missed Litvinov, Zobnin and Bongonda, while Zenit left Robert Renan and Cassierra on the bench. Tactically, the teams also changed slightly. The rojiblancos played with a diamond on the midline, and the blue and white coaching staff seemed to be prepared for it and closed the Spartak quartet down the middle thanks to the four Barrios – Claudinho – Wendel – Mantouan. The first half proved that Semak’s original plan worked better than his Spanish colleague’s plan.

In previous matches of the championship, Spartak proved to be a very attacking team and unbalanced in terms of playing with and without the ball. The rojiblanca “detached” with a shirt unbuttoned almost to the buttons. It could be assumed that Abascal would play more cautiously against the champion, but no. From the first minutes, the hosts flew forward with fury in their eyes, trying to crush Zenit with heavy pressure. However, this gave Spartak only a moment, when Sobolev dragged Alip behind him, and Ignatov flew into the free zone and shot on goal. Surprisingly, that shot was the only one on target before the break.

How the transitions between Spartak and Zenit were made in the RPL:


All the transitions between Spartak and Zenit in Russian history. What was the best?

Zenit quickly put out this rojiblanco fire due to its good movement, ball control and quick passes. Here all the disadvantages of today’s Spartak manifested themselves in actions during ball transitions. The hosts missed the counterattacks from Semak’s team, what’s more, they began to lose martial arts and lose balls when the blue and whites were already pressing high one on one. According to such a match, Zenit’s goal before the break was a matter of time. In several episodes, the champion forgave the contender for the title (the best moment was Sergeyev’s hit on the crossbar), but after half an hour, the Muscovites still missed.

In the attack on the goal, Zenit tore through Spartak’s support zone. A beautiful combination did not end with a blow, and then Semak’s team was lucky. After hitting Vendel, the ball successfully bounced off Jikia for the Petersburgers. The locals went to rest under the whistle of the stands. Yes, and wounded Moses lost.

The beginning of the second half “Spartak” passed as joyfully as the debut of the first. Abascal’s team increased the speed, first of all, of the movement of the ball in a foreign third, in addition, the rojiblancos managed to cover the blue and whites when the Petersburgers came out in response attacks. Three pairs of fresh legs (replaced by Zobnin, Bongonda and Umyarov) added energy to the hosts. At Zenit, it seemed that those who did not spend the preseason with the team, Wendel and Fernández, began to “sit down”. Just 10 minutes after the break, the Spartacists hit Kerzhakov’s goal more than they had 45 minutes earlier.

However, Wendel proved that night that he was the best RPL player even without normal season preparation and the main star of the Russian championship after Malcolm’s departure. Semak, unlike Abascal, delayed the substitutions until the 72nd minute, and when he decided on a double, he took Fernández out of the game, but not the Brazilian central defender. And it turned out that he was right! Claudinho cut the finer pass to his compatriot, Mantua deftly blocked Duarte, and thanks to that Wendel flew into the free zone. The Brazilian deftly put the ball into the far corner of Svinov’s goal.

Zenit seemed to have calmed the situation on the pitch even before their goal. The Spartacists also got tired, there were more marriages, more ball passes. A ridiculous penalty helped them get back into the game. Barrios did not even see the ball in the duel with Sobolev, but he really played with his hand, an indisputable free kick and 11 meters. Unless, of course, Sobolev himself did not touch the ball with his hand before. The Spartak center forward coolly converted the penalty.

Spartak had a chance to escape defeat. In the end, the main figure for the rojiblancos was not Promes, who did not play his best game, but Bongonda. The Belgian rookie also hit himself dangerously, and made an almost goal pass to Martins. However, Zenit transferred the game to someone else’s half of the field, and in the 90 + 4 minute, substitutions for Semak were played: Sutormin, Erokhin and Cassierra created the third goal. Removed all questions about the winner. The Colombian mockingly sent the ball between Khlusevich’s legs.

Zenit deservedly won in Moscow and beat Spartak by one point.

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