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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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“Zenit” – “Torch”. For Evseev there are no authorities.

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 18:09:51

On June 3, the match of day 30 of the RPL Zenit – Fakel will be played. The game starts at 17:00 Moscow time. Fonbet experts have already given a forecast, they consider the hosts to be the favorites: you can bet on the victory of St. Petersburg with a coefficient of 1.63. The success of the Voronezh team was rated by experts at 5.10. Bets on a draw are accepted at 4.40.

The best predictions for RPL.

Odds from bookmakers for the match RPL “Zenith” – “Fakel” on June 3, 2023

Fonbet analysts believe that the Zenit-Fakel RPL match will be productive: the total of more than 2.5 goals is worth 1.61 and the total of less than 2.5 goals is worth 2.40. If the hosts score, the odds will be 1.10. The away goal is available with odds of 1.46. You can bet on “both teams to score” for 1.66 on the Fonbet line. For the record, the bookmaker gives free bet 2000 rubles.

Analysis and forecast for the match of the 30th round of the Russian championship “Zenith” – “Fakel” (06/03/2023)

The RPL season is coming to an end. At the bottom of the leaderboard there is a fierce fight for survival. Eight final round meetings are scheduled for June 3. In one of them, at the Gazprom Arena in Saint Petersburg, Zenit will receive Fakel.

This season, Man City fans will not forget:

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Zenit have a much more powerful roster, but have they kept their motivation? Having become the RPL champion four rounds before the end of the season, the blue-white-blue slowed down a bit. In the last three games, they have drawn with Krasnodar (2:2), Orenburg (2:2) and Sochi (1:1).

Sevilla defender Montiel scored an unusual achievement.

In all three games, Sergei Semak used five substitutions. He assigned a lot of playing time to youth and rotation players. Obviously, the 47-year-old specialist began to prepare the team for the upcoming season. He almost completely upgraded the defense line.

In the game with Sochi, Semak decided to do without the main foreign players. Earlier it was reported that the Brazilians could leave the St. Petersburg team. On this occasion, Andrei Arshavin, Deputy General Director of Zenit, recently spoke. He pointed out that there is a plan B in case the foreigners leave.

Erling near another trophy:

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Arshavin admitted that he would still like to live according to plan A, since the club is very happy with the Brazilians. However, he understands that it can happen in different ways: no one can leave, and suddenly the legionnaires start to leave Zenit. Realizing this, the Blue and Whites are looking for replacement players.

Napoli are interested in Nagelsmann.

For Fakel, this is a great opportunity to understand the points necessary to maintain a residence permit in the RPL. He is ranked 12th in the standings, but the position is quite precarious. The lead over Wings of the Soviets is only one point. In order to avoid the play-offs, it is desirable that the Voronezh team win the next meeting.

Now the “flammables” are in full emotional boom. They were inspired by the recent head coach change. The position was taken over by Vadim Evseev. Under his leadership, the blue and whites played five games, losing only to the inflated Lokomotiv (0-1).

Voronezh beat Dynamo Moscow (2:0), Rostov (2:0), Paris Nizhny Novgorod (1:0) and Wings of the Soviets (2:1). The results perfectly reflect the work done by Evseev. The mentor improved the basic components of the game and also managed to introduce some combinational developments in an extremely short time.

Naturally, there is still a lot of work ahead that Evseev will have to deal with. Many of his charges simply lack technique, execution, confidence and field vision. However, with each new game “Fakel” is added. He has a very good lead for next season.

Arshavin recently expressed the opinion that Zenit will strive to ensure that Semak repeats Pavel Sadyrin’s record of victories at the helm of the St. Petersburg club – 125. The current St. Petersburg coach has one less. Arshavin also pointed out that it is important for blue-white-blue to win the last game of the season.

Bulls in great shape:

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But I think that Voronezh residents have much more motivation, as well as a better emotional component. We offer to put on the fact that the guests at least will not lose. Bets on this result are accepted at the Fonbet bookmaker with odds of 2.37. For the record, the bookmaker will give you free bet 2000 rubles.

Once this season, the Voronezh team has already managed to take points away from the blue-and-whites. And then the team was headed by a less experienced and competent specialist than Evseev. The fact that the match takes place at the Gazprom Arena gives the Petersburgers a solid advantage. But if Semak resorts to experiments again, it is unlikely that his protégés will be able to defeat Voronezh’s charged team.

Prediction and bets for the match RPL “Zenith” – “Fakel” on June 3, 2023

“Zenith” no longer solves problems. It is preparing for the next season. If Semak had wanted to repeat Sadyrin’s record, he probably would have done it sooner. Most likely, the mentor will again resort to rotation. Fakel has far fewer reserves. However, the emotional component and the incentive in the form of a fight for survival make it a very strong and uncomfortable opponent. Rostov, Dynamo and Wings of the Soviets will not let you lie. We believe that the invitees will not lose at least 2.37 on the Fonbet line. And for the record everyone will receive free bet 2000 rubles.

Tender: Fakel will not lose with probability 2.37.

Express with a coefficient of 8.37.

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