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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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“Zenith’s Brazilians are trying in front of their fans, in front of Miller, on the way they are resting”

Date: June 7, 2023 Time: 04:40:33

The well-known Russian coach Valery Ovchinnikov summed up the results of the tour.

– Valery Viktorovich, let’s start with Spartak. After the winter break, the team looked very decent. And suddenly a hopeless defeat in Orenburg.

– I played in Orenburg at one time. There is a small and cozy stadium. The acoustics are good, the local fans push forward, they run. Orenburg gnaws points at home, wants to stay in the RPL.

As for Spartak, this is a failure, more psychological. They believed in themselves too much, and the press heated up that only Spartak could compete with Zenit. So the car broke down, he made a mistake.

– Any Zenit defeat is always a sensation, even against CSKA. What can you say about yesterday’s game?

– It is impossible to always win, we are tired of winning.

Photo source: Vyacheslav Evdokimov / FC Zenit

Maybe it’s the mood of the Brazilians in St. Petersburg? They play well at home, in greenhouse conditions, indoors, and on the road they often do not look like themselves.

– They try it in front of their fans, in front of Miller, as if there were no owner – They rest, they don’t look so good.

– Lokomotiv recovered from 0:2, Dzyuba is a handsome man, he scores again.

– Here, you say: Dzyuba is a handsome man. And a month and a half ago, no one said a kind word about him.

– I have always said only good things about Dzyuba, because I understand what a good striker he is.

– I’m not talking about you, but about the discussion: do you need Dziuba or not? Lokomotiv definitely needs him. In the penalty area, he always gnaws. And if Dziuba was invited to the national team, can you imagine what mood he would be in?

– It is unlikely that your student Karpin will ever invite you. But Artyom only had one goal left to overcome Kerzhakov in terms of goals scored with the national team and write his name in the history of our football.

Yes, it is pure psychology.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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