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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Zorzal: Ngannou doesn’t stand a chance against Fury. But everybody wants to dream with his pocket

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 10:43:13

WBC World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury will take on former UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou. The fight will take place on October 28 in Saudi Arabia. The Briton again postponed his duel with Alexander Usyk, and the Cameroonian finally came out of the shadows after his departure from Dana White. Legendary boxer from Russia Grigory Drozd shares his expectations in an exclusive interview with Soviet Sport.

– Tyson Fury will fight former UFC champion Ngannou. Many call this matchup the fight of the year. Do you agree with this assessment, or is it purely a money story?

– It is only a commercial duel, of hype, everyone wants to sound with the pocket. It will be considered an exhibition match only. It’s not about who is the strongest heavyweight in boxing. It’s about big money, two sports: Ngannou is an MMA star, Fury is a boxer. It’s all about views and good control for both.

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– Does Ngannou have chances in a duel with such a professional?

– Ngannou has no chance. Objectively, there is no possibility. Of course, everyone understands that Ngannou is a big guy, he did not come from table tennis. But if Fury sets up, then he doesn’t stand a chance. I just can’t beat him in boxing. Of course, the fight is for exhibition, the result is not that important. But Fury’s unequivocal favourite, it’s a no-brainer to me. Of course, there are knockout punches, but if we look objectively, from a boxing point of view, Ngannou’s chances are simply zero.

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Will Fury and Ngannou be able to top the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor showdown?

– I do not think. They won’t be able to reach those numbers. Comparing Floyd to Tyson Fury is not the best option. Fury certainly revolutionized the heavyweight division by putting up some very intense fights. But in terms of popularity, he doesn’t compare to Floyd at all. His boxing legacy is too great. Just different levels.

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With Ngannou the same story. If you compare the attention, the media coverage, especially with what Conor had in his heyday. I don’t think any MMA fighter in the world has ever been as popular as McGregor. The fight between Conor and Floyd at one point raised a lot of money. Although this fight will look very interesting, two great giants. The interest will be great, but it won’t come close to the finances and fees of that fight.

– Usyk’s manager called Fury a clown after the fight was announced. What do you think of this comparison, do you agree with it?

Here you have to see what it is about. He doesn’t say that he will fight the best heavyweights on the planet. It’s clear that Ngannou is a former UFC champion and just a media guy. This is a purely commercial, exhibition, hype fight. He doesn’t look like a clown. He goes out to fight, he makes a lot of money, he beats this guy. I don’t understand what the antics are about. He doesn’t pretend that this is the fight of his dreams, of his whole life. That Ngannou is the toughest opponent in his career, he doesn’t do that. We have to look at it more calmly. As for the history of television. This is the real show, and the audience will see it as a show. No one will be looking forward to this fight quite like Ali-Foreman. Some will expect Ngannou to hit Fury hard over the head and become a sensation. And others, that, now our boxer cuts your MMA player like a nut. That’s the whole story.

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– Is it possible to say that Fury runs away from Usyk and hides behind such fights?

– I don’t think that if there were serious reasons to fight with Usyk, the contract would already be signed. Or even the battle would have already passed. Obviously, everyone has stagnated. Fury is looking for activities, even commercial. The fight with Usyk is unlikely to subside because of this. They are two parallel stories, unrelated to each other. Tyson really appreciates his time and his skills. If there was at least some serious chance to fight with Alexander, then they would have already agreed. I think there’s some reason this fight can’t happen now.

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