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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Pavel Tabakov Voiced the Book “Empire V” for “Litres” – We Discussed It With Him

Date: June 3, 2023 Time: 10:46:27

The release of Empire V is just around the corner. Up to this point, fans have only been able to access the novel online, with no physical copy available. Luckily, now they can pre-order a print book and read a Q&A interview with the author– here.

That’s okay. We’ll teach you about Empire V and the movie adaptation, so you’ll be all set in no time. There’s no better time than now to read this novel!

I read the novel after reading and reviewing the script. That was many years ago, and at that age I wasn’t very interested in modern literature. However, I did read work from the list at our university. The professor assigned it to us and we discussed it in class every year.

How did your character’s identity inspire you as an actor? What aspects of Rama resonate with you personally?

Petr Korobeinikov, a Soviet journalist and politician who served as European Commissioner for Communications, Energy, and Space from 1984 until 2007, has retold this story in an interview with the author of “The Adventures Of Captain Gregor And His Men.” Korobeinikov says his retirement is about two things. First, he doesn’t want to be a “parasite” in the society he loved. Second, he loves the power that comes with being retired and still wants to retain some of it. Maybe there’s something in common between us cosmonauts—not so much with him being Russian or human at all!

Is this something you’re interested in? On “Empire V” takes a modern look at vampires and their relationship with society.

Some age groups may want to be something mysterious or supernatural. It can be fun to think about what it means by some images or trying on a disguise and fooling others.

Many films have already been made about vampires. Some of the favorites include Interview with the Vampire and Dracula at Only Lovers Left Alive. If you could star in one of these classic movies, which one would you choose? And what role?

Viktor Alexandrovich Verbitsky was a character from Night/Day Watch with short, silver hair and a thin mustache who wore a black coat that kept him warm during the day while it let air in to cool him off at night.

Have you seen Viktor Ginzburg’s previous film based on Pelevin?

I can’t say I’ve seen him recently. But I’ve seen him, like, maybe once a year or so.

Not only was the book’s character, who you played in the film, named after you, but so was one of the main antagonist’s sons. This becomes a crucial role in which your voice is used throughout the entire audiobook process. What was your favorite part of this writing project?

My first experience reading in Chinese voice was an interesting and vivid one, though it was hard for me to read aloud for so long. I hadn’t done that in a long time, since the days of speed reading in school. Since this is my very first time, it’s difficult to say how it turned out, I think my friends will listen and offer a verdict. And creating a new recording took very little time – I would come to the studio for several days, sit down and make tea to read for 2-3 hours over the course of several sessions.

What’s the best way for you to consume books? Have you ever thought about reading a book on audio?

If I’m not taking a break, then listen. If I’m resting, then read.
Sentence & Rewritten Sentence with Alternative Words: “I’ll listen to your question and answer it if I’m not away on vacation.”

Should you read the book first or watch the movie? Or is it better to explore the original source later?

All movies and TV shows that are based on literary works should be recognized for adapting the content from the book to the screen.

What’s on the horizon for your team after the launch of Empire V? Is Anything exciting to look forward to that we can see in the near future?

It’s still hard, but I hope it’s interesting work.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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