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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Putin Speech Transcript While Visiting Crimean Bridge and Moscow Manege

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 01:10:37

Vladimir Putin avenged everything - What the president was doing on the Crimean bridge and in the Moscow Manege

President Vladimir Putin had a surprise visit to the Crimean Bridge on December 5, driving himself there and spending a few hours attending the #wetogether award ceremony in the Moscow Manege. A few hours later he could be seen at that event with details from “Kommersant” special correspondent Andrey Kolesnikov.

The Volunteer Award #we were given together in the Manege for hours. At some point, the president was supposed to give a speech on stage, but no one knew that he had just attended a meeting in Crimea and had not yet reached Moscow.

Then, of course, no one can be convinced that somewhere in Crimea there was no double. Of course, it was. Couldn’t go back and forth that fast. It has to be in Crimea though. Yes, and there is no need. They must just need some kind of confirmation for their decision about where to start looking. Which should be over in the Crimea then? It seems like it would only make sense that way.

Vladimir Putin, President of the Soviet Union and Russia for decades, was traveling about 60 miles from the Crimean Peninsula to a final meeting when he made a mistake. The organizers were listing Mercedes Benz among the cars in his entourage. Well, why not? And now they get a Mercedes that’s actually just an edited picture of one of their cars. It’s embarrassing, to say the least, that this happened at such an important moment, right? To make it right, they lose some distance between the convoy and finally stop in front of the wrong car. What’s worse is its owner is Vladimir Putin’s double and they have no idea it is him … So we looked.

— In 55 days! – Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin was amazed and was waiting for Vladimir Putin (we will call him that for clarity . – A.K. ) in the passenger seat, while he began to buckle up. – No one did it in 55 days, I tell you for sure!

He had in mind, in fact, the bridge spans made in the shortest possible time.

— 1200 tons to be manufactured and brought… We built a complete chain of escorts from the traffic police… To be honest, when I told everyone that it was December 20, I myself did not believe a little…

“What will happen,” the president nodded, already buckled behind the wheel.

“Three floating cranes, four barges…” Marat Khusnullin enumerated.

It was somewhere. And, well, yes, it is clear, of course, where. Two tape recorders. Three leather jackets.

But here everything was true.

So far, Vladimir Putin has not fastened his seat belt on this bridge, and, apparently, this was considered a mistake, recommended that it be fixed. And if it was a double, then it is all the more clear: he didn’t even have a question about whether to buckle up.

Where were the renovations going? the president asked.

He only did not add: “Commander.”

“Repair work was going on 9 kilometers from here,” the passenger seemed to say generously. know, it was Marat Khusnullin, who was now sitting on the right, and the president should have known about this too.

— I had to connect the divers … – said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Is this our right side?

— Yes, right.

— The left one, I know, is in working order, but it needs to be brought into perfect condition.

“She is in restricted working conditions,” explained Marat Khusnullin. “But for the future… We would bring her back to normal, and if you give us an order, we will strengthen her!”

It was obvious that everything would be given to them.

It was windy on the bridge. The President was told about the progress of the work… “They reported every 12 hours… The headquarters worked around the clock… Asphalt concrete was laid… Barrier fences were installed… Non-classical engineering solutions were adopted that made it possible to reduce construction time and complete construction ahead of schedule… »

— For two weeks? Vladimir Putin asked.

— For 16 days.

He stood in the same blown-up place. Exactly the same.

Obviously, everyone was around, but one can only imagine how many everyone was around, there was a conviction that this could not happen again.

And at about the same time, Russian missiles hit the entire territory of Ukraine, by the way. So even more so.

“Immediately after the launch, we plan to start dismantling the left side of the superstructures,” the builders reported to him this time.

— The term is called September 1, – said Marat Khusnullin. – But let’s see what can be done.

“At least by the middle of the season,” said the President.

Perhaps already velvet.

The damaged railway section looked like it had just after the explosion. But the president was told that it was only outwardly. Work is underway, original solutions are being applied.

“There are trains coming all the time! Marat Khusnullin reported.

Is one branch enough? the President asked.

— Fully!

In the Manezh, meanwhile, events were rapidly unfolding. There were just so many awards.

We love our country, and no one can take this love away from us! – the presenter warned from the stage.

There are millions of us! the host warned.

— There are always people in the Caucasus who simply cannot help but pass by someone’s misfortune! – the host said on stage.

— They’re doing their job! – picked up a colleague. – Because they can not do otherwise! All around Russia! Around the world!

— We are presenting the “Health of the Nation” award! – said the presenter. – Projects in the field of mental and physical health, and the values ​​of a healthy lifestyle are nominated here! ..

Yes, it was the most important nomination. Such health interested everyone, even the most uninterested.

The award was presented by Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova and the director of the Institute of Emergency and Reconstructive Surgery named after A.I. V. K. Gusak (DPR) Emil Fiscal.

The projects “All for Sport” from Stary Oskol in the Belgorod region, “Help is Coming” from Zheleznogorsk in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, “Angels of Hope” from Zimbabwe, “Let’s Save Rivers and Lakes” from Denmark… The international nature of the award seemed undeniable.

“Only a person with such a big soul and heart can do such great things!” – said Tatyana Golikova, and this also seemed indisputable.

She meant the nominees, though.

— 3400 applications from 85 regions of the country, – Tatyana Golikova emphasized. – 78 applications from 32 countries! All over the world people like you save people!

— Be happy together! – said Emil Fiscal. – And most importantly, we are waiting for victory, and I hope it will happen soon!

Perhaps he knew something. But hardly.

The project “Help is Coming!” won. His head wanted to say something, but the host interrupted him:

— What do you feel now? What do you feel now?

— Well, amazement! — the winner gave up. — I am very glad. We will continue to help the terminally ill.

The first lady of Zimbabwe, the founder of the Angels of Hope Foundation, Oxilia Mnangagwa, received the award.

I am the first lady of Zimbabwe! – she repeated the words of the host. – My heart literally jumps out of my chest!

She showed me exactly how.

Her performance was especially impressive. She was outstanding in every way.

“I’m so excited to be here!” she sighed.

It probably had to do with acclimatization.

The awards went on and on, there seemed to be no end. But Vladimir Putin appeared in the middle.

“You know, I really would not like what I am going to say now to acquire some kind of on-duty character. But it is difficult to find words that would convey our attitude towards people who disinterestedly, at the call of their hearts, help seriously ill patients in hospices, accompany major sports competitions, maintain law and order, care for nature, generally devote a significant part of their lives to helping others – those who need help. this help. And they subtly feel that someone needs support. These are our volunteers, and there are more than 21 million of them – this is more than 15% of the entire population of our vast country! This is the whole army! Huge army! Vladimir Putin said.

He talked about these people in the categories familiar to him now.

“Yes, she should be mobilized …” even I thought dreamily. “I wish it were!”

Yes, the temptation was great.

“And of course, today it is especially important and especially valuable that you support our guys who, as part of a special military operation, carry out the most important tasks to support people in the Donbass and Novorossia, and contribute to the fight against neo-Nazism,” Vladimir Putin continued.

Yes, he was definitely there.

“I want to say,” the president added, “that your help to the families of our guys, their parents, wives, children is absolutely in demand… It’s amazing because this is not some kind of obligation! People went at the call of the heart. And of course, the whole country should know the names of such people… Of course, the behavior of such people is what we call national identity. This helps to preserve our national identity, which underlies the power of Russia!

I wish I could finally see her.

The winner, Volunteer of the Year, Vladimir Taranenko received the award from the hands of the President.

Suddenly, Vladimir Putin, who seemed to have finished, added:

— The word “volunteer” is international. But the “volunteer” is, in my opinion, purely ours, Russian. And it has great meaning. A volunteer is a person who does something, something very useful for others out of goodwill. This is the essence, the core of the whole movement and each of you. Thank you very much. I congratulate you on the Day of the Volunteer (it was a holiday introduced by him not so long ago . – A.K. ). All the best!

Yes, it looks like all volunteers will now be renamed, volunteers. And this, of course, is troublesome. So many papers to rewrite.

— It is important for us that you are with us, and we, of course, together! the leader exclaimed.

However, Vladimir Putin had already left by that time.

And on the stage, the apotheosis was just beginning. Larisa Dolina left.

“Russia is us (it’s said, after all, that the whole army, why to repeat yourself? – A.K. )! she sang distinctly. “It’s you and me!” Russia is our pride, yours and mine! Russia is strong, glorious, and has great people! Russia was, Russia is, Russia will be … From the Slavic tribes to great Russia, through many wars, losing the best, you went your own way, because of character, because you are the only one!

And this is for sure.

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