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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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A lawyer warned about the risks of raids in the restaurant business – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 18:00:54

Unfortunately, many of the restaurants and cafes close down as they cannot withstand the competition, due to financial problems, errors in formulating business strategies and tactics, etc.

One of the important problems for the Russian restaurant business is takeovers by raiders and other actions to establish control of the business against the will of the owner, which are periodically mentioned in the Russian press. says lawyer Alexander Pescherov.

“In Kazan, relatives of the late owner of the Khanuma establishment, Farkhat Ibraev, cannot divide the property. But here, frankly, “clumsy” methods are used, which the local press writes about; In particular, the men came to the house. establishment and demanded that the owner leave his territory”, – says the lawyer. In Moscow, a similar situation occurred around the Khachapuri cafe, where armed people broke in and demanded that the owners of the establishment leave the premises.

“As an example of similar situations in the Leningrad Region, one can cite the difficult history of Oyatskaya Pearl LLC of the Lodeynopolsky district, better known as the rural restaurant “Farmer”. His co-owner, Vladislav Pupentsov, obtained a loan in 2018. a period of 5 years for the construction of a production facility secured by his participation in this LLC. However, already in 2021, creditor Evgeny Arkhipov demanded immediate repayment of the entire debt amount when the businessman was late in payment due to Covid. All proposals for installment payment and restructuring were rejected by the creditor and bankruptcy proceedings were initiated, after which Oyatskaya Pearl LLC was assigned to the new director. Meanwhile, state investments were made in the restaurant, and now its profitability is in doubt. “As the establishment’s activities have been disrupted, 62 rural residents who supported the establishment’s activities may be left without work,” said lawyer Alexander Pescherov.

He points out that, unfortunately, this way of doing business has not been eliminated.

“This requires a more decisive intervention of the state in such conflict situations, which would make it possible to avoid raids, with the help of which unscrupulous creditors try to appropriate a successful business, under the guise of the desire to return the funds they lent. ”Alexander Pescherov is sure.

For his part, he advises entrepreneurs to try to do without loans from individuals and, if necessary, obtain official loans from banks.

“Loans from individuals or other business owners can lead to the situations described above. All information about the status of accounts, loans, taxes, etc. must be kept confidential. Unfortunately, many business owners neglect the security of their business information. Sometimes this cannot be done in the world today, because information about the business can fall into third hands, including unscrupulous competitors or possible attackers,” Pescherov clarifies.

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