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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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A secret special operation is being prepared – the start of negotiations on Ukraine’s admission to the EU. established date

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 09:24:41

Negotiations on Ukraine’s entry into the EU are doping for kyiv


Brussels and kyiv have a small window left – at the end of June – for a new “victory”. Why it is impossible before and why it will not work after – the famous historian and political scientist Sergei Stankevich told KP.

Political scientist Sergei Stankevich

Photo: Ivan VISLOV.


– Sergei Borisovich, can you speak now? Are you in your office or giving a conference?

– No, I’m walking through the agricultural fair. You caught me shopping.

– Are you selling or buying something?

– (laughs) I’m a buyer. Now is the planting season in everyone’s dachas, including me. But if people buy mainly cucumbers and tomatoes, I buy ornamental plants.

– Which ones, I wonder?

– You see, the weather in winter was changeable. (As, indeed, in our political climate): there are thaws and then frosts. And some of my plants died. In particular, the vines that cover the gazebo. And I buy actinidia here, I think maybe I can buy some grapes to cover the gazebo again. That’s my plan.

– And I also have plans to talk to you about the weather… in Ukraine. Could negotiations on Ukraine’s EU membership, which are taking place clandestinely or in secret, officially begin on June 25? Because, given the difficulties currently faced by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Europeans are trying to boost the morale of the Ukrainians and are signaling that a decision can be made on June 24. Is it possible to start negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU on June 25?

– Well, Alejandro, this will be the beginning of a long process with an unclear and uncertain result. This, as Eduard Bernstein, a prominent social democrat of the early 20th century, said, the movement is everything, the end goal is nothing. Here the main thing for the kyiv regime is to advance in the direction of the European Union, which, like a mirage, will appear on the horizon, but will recede every time it gets closer.

– Why do they need this?

– This is necessary as psychological therapy and doping for the kyiv regime, so that there is something to look forward to, something to be able to endure all the difficulties.

– Including this is a therapy for Zelensky, whom it is now impossible to look at, a kind of sleepless face, inadequate statements. Is this how you want to improve your health?

– Of course, now it gives a complex impression. And she strives to continue performing high drama. But theopathy is not for Zelensky. No, not for him. He and those around him understand the illusory nature of the goal of European integration now offered to Ukrainians.

– Yeah?

– The fact is that it is not clear within what borders Ukraine can join the European Union. With undefined borders, of course, the European Union will not accept anyone.

There is only one precedent: Cyprus. The southern part of Cyprus, the Greek part, was accepted into the European Union, but at least the border is set internationally. And there are even British troops protecting it. And there are no hostilities between Turkish and Greek Cyprus. And even referendums and elections are held.

So this border is more or less stable. But in the case of Ukraine there is no option for a part of the country to be accepted into the European Union, this is impossible.

First we must stabilize everything fundamentally. And then there may be some distant, mirage-like dreams.


– Sergey Borisovich, excuse me, they are going there (to the EU), despite the fact that Ukraine itself is not ready for this and even for a marked deviation from the norms of democracy so beloved in Brussels. Look, churches are closed, priests are imprisoned, the media are closed, opposition parties are suspended, the observance of human rights is suspended. How much is the mobilization law alone worth? And this doesn’t stop EU members?

– Within Ukraine there is a military dictatorship regime. Of course, all basic civil rights are suspended… And this latest law on mobilization introduces a very serious repressive component into the regime. Now anyone who disagrees can be mobilized and sent to the front without speaking, or even imprisoned as an “accomplice of the enemy.” And this possibility of deportation to the front adds, of course, repressive features. And this can now affect almost anyone, because all people between 18 and 60 years old are registered. And although formally they now ask for people from 25 years old, it is almost inevitable that this age will be reduced, at least to 20, and perhaps to 18.

All this, of course, does not in any way appeal to ordinary citizens of Ukraine, but turns the ruling layer of about a million people who have reservations about the mobilization into a collective dictator. Of course, this will cause enormous internal tension in Ukraine, which is increasing. I think it cannot continue in this state for long.


– Why else do European bureaucrats want to launch this on June 24? They have elections to the European Parliament in mid-June and do not want to scare voters with negotiations over Ukraine’s admission to the EU. This is true?

– Well, the issue of Ukraine will inevitably be one of the most important in the elections to the European Parliament. Because the European Parliament is responsible not for how each EU state lives individually, but for how Europe as a whole develops. Therefore, of course, voters will be interested: do they want to drag Europe into hostilities?

After all, the two most destructive world wars in human history took place in Europe. And what, again, is pushing Europe into World War III? And then there are the questions: how did this happen, who allowed it, why did our politicians not stop Europe’s slide towards this fatal line, why are we condemned to fight again?

These questions are already being asked. And it is no coincidence that sociologists have registered a serious change in European sentiment: enough of globalism, enough of false ideas, let’s take care of our national interests. Right-wing candidates for the European Parliament are now mostly winning with these slogans.


– Once again, I’m sorry to bother you not to spend time in the market. But here it is also important: why the negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU will be announced on June 24 and 25, neither earlier nor later. Because later – on July 1 – the presidency of the European Union passes to Hungary. And Budapest is concerned about the violation of the rights of Hungarians in Ukraine. And, in general, against the continuation of the military conflict.

– Accept. This is obvious; The presidency of the European Union changes every six months and now it is Hungary’s turn. It is impossible to deprive Hungary of this legal right. Today you don’t like Hungary and tomorrow you won’t like any other country, Slovakia, for example. Hungary is too concerned about the situation of its minorities. And especially in Ukraine, where the authorities, for some reason, do not like minorities, but above all, of course, Russian speakers.

I believe that Budapest will begin to restore order on the issue of militarization of the European Union. Until now, the European Union has been primarily concerned with the European economy: industry, trade, communications, infrastructure, finance and the common currency, the euro. But recently, literally all European bureaucrats have camouflaged themselves, that is the impression, starting with Ursula von der Leyen (I hope she is the outgoing head of the European Commission), and everyone talks only about the military issue from morning to afternoon . We are talking about creating almost an army of the European Union, about sending troops to Ukraine by European countries. Furthermore, NATO says: no, we are not participating, but the EU countries say: we want to try. Therefore, the militarization of the European Union will be the main issue for Hungarians and they will try to resist this dangerous turn. In any case, put it on hold for at least six months.

– It is now clear why the European Union turns a blind eye to the fact that Ukraine is backing away from its human rights obligations…

– All this will be forgiven. All this is forgiven to his own people. Strangers are never forgiven.

* * *

– Once again, I regret having taken you away from market affairs. Will you go straight to the dacha now and plant everything?

– Yes, now I will load the shopping in the car, I will go to the garden and we will do the most peaceful work you can imagine, planting plants. Many years that should delight us, I hope, for many years to come.

– I was also happier that nature, spring, summer still exists. In general, more optimism.

– Yes, there are signs of hope, thank God!

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