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Friday, April 19, 2024
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A terrible confession: emaciated Alena Shishkova has a serious illness from her daughter Tatyana Dogileva

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 14:51:39

The daughter of Alena Shishkova and Tatyana Dogileva was treated for a serious illness


Alena Shishkova’s shocking confession that she was seriously ill shocked the public. The former lover of rapper Timati said that she suffered from anorexia and bulimia. In April 2023, the status of the second vice-miss Russia-2012 became critical.

Alena Shishkova made a terrible confession. The girl decided to dispel the rumors and gossip that have been circulating for several years. Due to her swollen face, she was accused of botched plastic surgeries. But everything turned out much worse.

“Many popular people walked in their” boots “on my modest face. Endless photos” before and after “walked … The problem really was. And for a long time. More precisely, two. And they are called bulimia and anorexia. Eight years that I dedicated to its solution, “he said.

Former darling Timati underwent weight-gain treatments in various clinics and sanatoriums, took tests and took weight-gain drugs. “She Sometimes she seemed like she did it, but then she would relapse again. And everything would get worse,” Alena added.

In April 2023, his condition became critical. He went to a psychiatric clinic. “My case is not quite typical. Unfortunately, for many years I “gave back” food not because I was afraid of being overweight (I really wanted to get better!), but because food and liquids made me bloated in the morning. . And in the morning morning of the shooting, and I was not happy with my face. And I began to “return” food, and then also take diuretic pills, without them the kidneys no longer worked at all. Just not to have a face swollen in the morning,” Shishkova said.

His weight dropped to 45 kilograms with a height of 176 centimeters. “I’ve already passed out, had seizures, basically just lay there,” Alena said.

He spent two and a half months at the Center for the Study of Eating Disorders. She was able to gain 15 kilograms. The doctors managed to “reboot” her body.

“I stayed in the center for two and a half months with parenteral nutrition (daily drips) and in constant contact with the attending physician… In addition, my table was built in a special way: little by little I was preparing myself for intuitive nutrition, without any internal nutrition prohibitions or, conversely, excesses “After completing the full treatment, I returned to normal life. The doctors managed to overcome my addiction to diuretics,” added Alena.

The girl showed a photo of the hospital. She is currently in rehab.

It is worth noting that Shishkova literally repeated the path that the daughter of the famous actress Tatyana Dogileva passed through. Katya was teased and insulted at school due to her being overweight. As a result, she began to lose weight.

Initially, the weight of Dogileva Jr. was 67 kilograms. As a result, Catherine reached number “40”. But she couldn’t eat. “Mom takes the egg, kneels down and asks: “Katya, please eat,” recalled Dogileva Jr. “But anorexia seemed to me to be a higher authority. ” In the community we called her that: Ana. And she wore red bracelets, in support to her anorexia.”

There was a time when a girl after school would go to the store and fill the cart with everyone in line. “I knew no one was home, so I turned on the TV (she couldn’t eat alone with me), got everything inside and ran to the bathroom to make myself vomit,” she said.

Dogileva Jr. developed bulimia. At some point, he realized that, in principle, he couldn’t eat; reflexively, she was fed up with any food. Then the girl herself raised the alarm and asked to be sent to the hospital. Ekaterina spent three weeks at the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The doctors were able to restore him to a full life.

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