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Friday, April 19, 2024
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Abnormal mass suicide of dolphins: people, unable to help animals, sacrifice survivors

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 14:55:21

In Australia, dolphins that have been washed ashore en masse will be euthanized. Photo: Cheynes Beach Caravan Park

On Tuesday, Chains Beach, at the southern tip of Australia, was littered with black dolphin bodies. Shots of a flock of nearly 100 grinding long-finned ones that lay in shallow water and moved their fins, unable to move, flew around the world.

More than 250 volunteers, marine specialists and veterinarians joined the dolphin rescue operation. But the next day, 51 people died. The remaining 46 grinds were culled by representatives of the Western Australian Parks and Wildlife Service. In his opinion, this will be the best option to alleviate the suffering of animals, writes CNN.

Long-fin grinds reach a length of 7.5 meters. Their habitat is extensive: they are found in the waters of the southern hemisphere and the North Atlantic. However, scientists are still discussing why from time to time flocks of grinders are stranded.

Photo: Cheynes Beach Caravan Park

Macquarie University wildlife researcher Vanessa Pirotta noted that a flock of dolphins behaved unusually before being thrown ashore: individuals huddled together. It was at that time that experts drew attention to them. It happened about 150 meters from the beach. Perhaps, in this way, they tried to avoid the attack of a predator, for example, killer whales, explains Pirotta.

According to her, the mills establish strong links with each other in the package, so the majority can easily follow the disoriented minority.

Also among the reasons why black dolphins are found in shallow water is massive stress or illness of some members of the pod.

In September last year, about 200 black dolphins were discovered off the coast of the Australian island of Tasmania. Of the entire herd, only 35 individuals survived, which could be refloated. The largest release of grinds occurred in 2020, when more than 450 dolphins were found on the shore.

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