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Friday, April 19, 2024
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Aged and swollen: people were stunned by the honest photos of Victoria Boni

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 14:52:31

A plastic surgeon showed a candid photo of an aging and bloated Victoria Boni.


Victoria Bonya got into a scandal. The blogger herself constantly claimed that she had never had plastic surgery. In addition, she ridiculed the failed plastic celebrity. However, the other day she herself was exposed by a doctor. The fact is that the student of “House-2” decided to make fox eyes and hurried to the United States to see the star plastic surgeon, announcing the cost of the operation – 250 thousand dollars. However, the doctor suddenly exposed Victoria’s numerous plastic surgeries.

The plastic surgeon said Victoria Bonya had a facelift that “doesn’t work.” The doctor also spoke of the blogger’s blepharoplasty, “which devastated her eyes.”

In addition, he put an honest photo of Boni on public display. And it is impossible to recognize her in the painting. An elderly woman with a swollen face shocked people.

Seeing the photographs, the sworn friend of the blogger Alana Mamaeva could not remain silent. She admitted that she was “stunned” by the actual photos of Boni.

And then I remembered the facial self-massage courses. A couple of years ago, Vika actively sold them. Apparently, her smooth face was molded with her own fingers, without plastic surgery or other interventions. But it turned out that Victoria used filters all the time.

“It’s a little scary getting old. The story where you had to present all your cards for barter. But what about the massage? It turned out that we had an elevator here and an blepharo from the bottom and top. The main ” The thing is to lie until the end saying that everything is ours. And yes, he paid a quarter of a million dollars for the operation. I think if he really paid, we already heard the story about the new massage course,” wrote the brunette.

Now fans accuse the disgraced Bonya of lying. Victoria is not at all a woman with soft and delicate skin.

As you know, Bonya earned an impressive amount by selling rejuvenation marathons. She spoke of the miraculous effect and boasted that at 43 years old she did not have a single wrinkle, her skin was elastic and glowed from within.

In fact, it turned out that Boni had numerous creases, blemishes, pigmentation, and dark circles under her eyes. Also, she recently humiliated Alena Shishkova. “At 29, she looked worse than I did when she was 39,” the blogger reported.

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