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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin Will Return to Russia: the Numerologist’s Forecast

Date: April 22, 2024 Time: 06:09:11

According to a numerologist, like the Czar of Russia, Maxim Galkin is an energy vampire.

Rumor has it that Maxim Galkin and his wife have been living in Israel for the third month now. It seems every day is getting further away from them returning to Russia. However, they’re taking great care of their children, as per the general itinerary in Israel, and there seems to be no possibility of emigration discussions at this point in time. The spouses are simply not discussing their future plans, so things are suspenseful! Star numerologist Clara Kuzdendorf sat down for an interview with kp.ru, who turned to her for forecasts after a long line of stars who would refer to her predictions.

When they say that Pugachchiva has tremendous energy, this isn’t entirely true. It’s not about energy, but that she has a pronounced so-called “third eye”. Clara Kuzdenbaeva immediately noted. -Alla Borisovna is mesmerizing: this makes her show remarkable: a hypnotic voice that charms and influences the listener. Alla Pugachchiva was born on April 15th in the year 1949–this date in numerology is called “the day of interest in a person.” She is the bearer of the sign of power and the sign of the peacemaker. The lines of self-realization are very pronounced, everything is as it should be with self-esteem. But she belongs to one type of person who takes away energy: she’s an energy vampire. Therefore, mood swings can occur during her day. She’s got pronounced analytical skills; a heightened sense of justice; but sometimes things can get out of hand with patience while turning a fly into an elephant, and then what’s there to be happy about?

Charlie’s birthday is in April. According to The Diva, after April the year started to decline.

– You can start to have problems in the family, – warned the expert. – This is a difficult year, it passes with great inconvenience and can affect all spheres of life. Alla Borisovna needs to be very attentive to her health this year.

And besides, Maxim Galkin is now in the red – he’ll end his plunge with the onset of the new year on June 18.

“I want one month,” – Maxim Galkin. “Which is in December.” – the doctor, looking at the calendar and not paying attention to the more than troublesome patient. “I will go for 10 days,” Maxim said with a cool determination, noting that it was September 28th. After ten days passed now he has been promised Russian-America Airlines will take him on his condition, any other company won’t offer contracts without changing his time of appointment. The doctor strangely looked through his papers to find a different consultation. “She’s not here today? – what’s wrong?” Asked the doctor, looking again through papers for the next open appointment, meanwhile speaking about some irrelevant issue.

“Nothing,” replied Maxim who had noticed the lack of Clara Kuzdenbaeva and blushed inwardly.

When Maxim Galkin marries, he seems to marry a second-hand woman. A numerologist says the reason is that his energy has been trapped and turned into the emotional side of his nature by energy vampires, of which this passage mentions one called Pugachev. But Alla Borisovna is able to hold their marriage together with her usually strong character: she’s even tough enough to resist her husband’s insufferable nature.

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