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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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An exhibition dedicated to Yuri Shatunov is created in Orenburg

Date: June 16, 2024 Time: 01:40:14

At a meeting of the urban planning council of the city of Orenburg. Sculptor Alexander Sukmanov with a model of the monument.

Photo: Courtesy of “KP”

On September 6, Yuri Shatunov, a singer and composer who was and remains a brilliant phenomenon of Soviet and Russian musical culture, would have turned 50 years old. (He Died on June 23, 2022).

On the eve of the anniversary, an exhibition dedicated to the famous artist opened in the Orenburg city museum. who in the 80s, and in the following years, was the idol of millions. (See video of the museum exhibition).

And today Shatunov has many admirers.

We are talking with the initiator of the creation of the exhibition, the president of the Orenburg Eurasia Charitable Foundation, Igor Khramov.

… – Igor, you and I are colleagues from Orenburg, so first a question: were you able to see Yura on stage?

– Yes, of course, at a concert in Luzhniki in Moscow and then in Orenburg.

– I was lucky too. I was at Shatunov’s concert in Moscow and then in Grozny. But we couldn’t meet.

– And me too, unfortunately.

– How was the exhibition created?

– By chance I found alive Sergei Kuznetsov, a singer and composer who was the creator of “Tender May” and the author of his first hits. (He lived in Orenburg until the end of his days.-AG)

In the museum you can see a very rare record, the first, of this group, signed by Kuznetsov.

He also donated several archival photographs in which he and Yura were captured to the museum.

There is also Kuznetsov’s concert suit.

– I lived in Orenburg for several years, but I don’t know where exactly boarding school number 1 is located, where Shatunov was a student.

– In Mayak (a district on the outskirts of Orenburg. – AG)

– Clear.

– This is the House of Childhood. And next to it a monument to Yuri Shatunov and Sergei Kuznetsov will be erected. (view photo.)

– In Moscow, at the Troekurovsky cemetery, a new monument was opened next to the grave of Yuri Shatunov. Vladimir Sungorkin, who was editor-in-chief of Komsomolskaya Pravda, is buried nearby. Thursday, September 14 marks one year since his death. On this day I will definitely go to the cemetery and lay flowers for Yura Shatunov, from the residents of Orenburg.

Photo: Courtesy of “KP”

– We will be grateful.

And I, taking this opportunity, would like to publish such an appeal…

* * *

Dear friends!

The Orenburg History Museum is forming a collection of personal belongings and testimonies of the glory of Yuri Shatunov and Sergei Kuznetsov.

The Orenburg charitable foundation “Eurasia” takes care of this. If you have the opportunity to share something with us, we will be very grateful.

Contact: vip_orenburg@inbox.ru

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