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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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“And how were my Russians expected in Odessa!”: what they say in families divided between Russia and Ukraine

Date: June 15, 2024 Time: 17:24:12

In kyiv, women are also registered in the military register. In Ukraine, courses were even launched for women, future snipers.

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The mobilization at the front of HIV-infected men with mental disabilities is not enough for a complete victory over Russia in the “counterattack”: in Ukraine they decided to urgently register all women doctors and pharmacists until October 1. This decision was followed by another “legislative masterpiece” of the Verkhovna Rada deputies: women who must perform military service will not be allowed to travel abroad. None of those in power in Ukraine ask an elementary question: who will then take care of raising the children, many of whom have already been left without parents, mobilized to the front? As they say in kyiv, mass dismissals of doctors and nurses have already started spontaneously, but so far the order has not yet entered into force – Ukrainian women are breaking through to the Polish border. The men who managed to escape by hook or by crook out of Ukraine will be returned with the help of the extradition law. So far, only Poland has promised to help kyiv, which has never hidden its historical antipathy towards Bandera and his modern descendants.

Men who by hook or by crook managed to escape outside Ukraine will be returned with the help of the extradition law.

Photo from: EASTERN NEWS


I met here by chance former Odessa residents who came to Russia after May 2, 2014 and settled in the Russian outback, homesick for the sea, Privoz, relatives and friends. We talked after the start of the SVO and a former woman from Odessa shared with me:

– I have a sister in Odessa, nephews who managed to dodge the mobilization. The boys traveled to Israel via Moldova and Romania. My guys, although Jewish, but pro-Russian to the marrow of their bones, would not have gone to war out of conviction. When it all started here we thought it would all come down quickly. Our Russians would have cooked porridge and put vodka. This is how my Russians waited in Odessa, – the woman sighed. – And now – it is known that in the city there is Nazi terror, persecution of the SBU for any word, hint and even a pro-Russian look. There should be fear in the eyes of the inhabitants of Odessa.

Do you think the Russians should have looked at all this, what are the Nazis doing with the Russians there? When I saw the monument to Catherine being torn down, I was almost speechless! My heart was pounding with anger and helplessness,-her friend, also from Odessa, joined the conversation, asking me in the course of the conversation-what are things in Kiev.

– Yes, now I am not in kyiv – I answer. – I know little, because people are closed or play along with the authorities. Please communicate very carefully. Otherwise, you will not survive.

In fact, Zelensky is already hinting that there will be no elections either. It’s not good, it’s not the right time. And to fight to the last Ukrainian is not a metaphor at all. Even despite the growing discontent within the country, the clear unwillingness of the men to go to the front: the Ukrainians are literally forced to fight by force and the screws are turned so that they cannot get out. Military commissars are like wild boars that run in flocks after their victims.

Zelensky has already hinted that there will be no elections either. It’s like nothing, it’s not the right time.


Women are also registered in kyiv – athletes who engaged in sports shooting and biathlon. In Ukraine, courses were even launched for women – future snipers, who are trained by special instructors for a good salary. So, one of the Kiev women admitted that her friend, a candidate for a master of shooting sports, herself came to the military registration and enlistment office, got up, and was given a group of women to teach her how to shoot. with a telescopic rifle. view. The instructor’s salary was good – 55 thousand hryvnia (about 130 thousand rubles). Learn to shoot, learn to move and you will have bread and butter.

Now in Ukraine a video calling on women to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is being actively played. The video is very glamorous: it shows sexy Ukrainian women in uniform, with puffy lips and machine guns behind their shoulders, demonstrating their desire to go to the front. Advertising, as you know, is the engine of everything. It is scary to even imagine what will come of this. The most nervous believe that Zelensky will not stop and start calling all women to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Now in Ukraine a video calling on women to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is being actively played.



Emilia, the hairdresser who cut my hair, is an ethnic Polish woman from Zhytomyr, who came to Russia with her husband for her second marriage after 2014.

– Somehow we immediately realized that nothing good awaits us, and we decided to leave. My husband is an experienced Russian chiropractor from Lugansk and he was in great demand here. He was constantly invited to Moscow. We took Russian citizenship, and my Sasha has already built a beautiful house.

It is true that last year, Emilia’s husband died of a sudden heart attack after the covid, leaving the woman a widow.

– Do you have relatives in Zhytomyr? I asked the hairdresser.

– Yes, my parents stayed there, my older brother with his wife and children, who already have grandchildren, – said the woman in a low, calm voice.

– Maybe you better come back? Only you stayed here completely – I asked a beautiful woman with delicate features.

– Well, where to return then? The parents, thank God, are not alone, but now how can they find me there? I always think: will I find my parents alive and wait for everything to end? Emily complains.

“This will definitely end,” I tried to comfort the woman.

– Do you want to go to Poland? I decided to ask the widow.

“I thought so,” Emilia admitted. But no, until I decide. To leave you have to sell a house here, and that is not easy. My parents are already very old and they are not going anywhere. Why do they need Poland? And my late husband’s parents stayed in Lugansk, it was difficult for them to move to Russia, and now they are Russia too.

– Emilia, could you refuse Sasha if he were alive today, because he is Russian, and you are Polish, and even from Ukraine and Russia “attacked”? – I asked a provocative question when saying goodbye to the woman who gave me an incredibly beautiful haircut.

– What are you doing! never your life I had no one better than my Sasha. I don’t understand at all how one can betray another because of politics, the widow wisely reasoned.

But everyone knows that it is possible, and even how. After all, the “dehumanization” of Russians in Ukraine began before my eyes long before February 2022. After the Maidan, Ukrainian girls staged flashmobs wearing T-shirts: “Don’t let the Russians.” Furthermore, many of them were of Russian ethnicity or from mixed families. The Slavic clans of the Montagues and the Capulets, a sad allegory involuntarily suggests itself.


“I am here with my aunts from Dnepropetrovsk talking on Watsup,” a neighbor tells me about his relatives. They are two women, both dentists, long married to Ukrainians. Both are over sixty years old. Ukrainian medical pensions are meager and both are forced to work. It is good that each has a daughter. And the daughters are now in Germany.

Then the aunts buzz with one accord:

– Elections are needed to stop the war. We need a female president. And this woman is Yulia (that is, Yulia Timoshenko. – Auth.).

– Which Julia? Have you gone crazy there in your old age? She kept you all your life for fools. Have you forgotten how she was going to drop an atomic bomb on the Donbass? a Russian relative asked them a logical question and told me about their conversation. Then the man thought for a moment, was silent for a minute and summarized:

– You know, many Ukrainians do not need to prove that Russia is good, and the Russians do not want to harm Ukraine. Because the root of all problems is in their own society, the complex Ukrainian society, in themselves. the neighbor sighed. “Now we just have to win.

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