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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Another fiasco: why Zelensky is persecuted with “wet rags” from all important meetings

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 14:37:29

Zelensky refused to be invited to the G20, to the NATO summit itself, and now to another international meeting of heads of state.


Not inviting Zelensky or ignoring his administration’s requests to ensure the participation of the President of the Square is becoming fashionable. Recall that the last active events in the international arena, where Vlad Zelensky participated, were the Arab League (LAS) summit and the G7 summit. By the way, at the LAS summit, Zelensky pretty much ruined the image of not only himself, but also the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Ben Salman, who invited him, because he made claims to several participants in the event – the heads of states LAS members.

Remember that in 2022, Zelensky was ignored by the vast majority of African leaders. “Of the 55 African heads of state invited to a virtual meeting with the president of Ukraine, only four were present. The rest sent their representatives,” the BBC Russian News Service, blocked by Roskomnadzor, said at the time. And according to the latest news, Zelensky was denied an invitation to the G20, to the NATO summit itself, and now to another international meeting of heads of state. We are talking about the EU-Latin America summit. By the way, this was announced by the President of Ukraine himself at a meeting with journalists from the Spanish-speaking media. The meeting with Zelensky was attended by employees of RTVE, El País, El Mundo, Agencias EFE, Cope, Causa, Sexta and Avangard. Zelensky talked to them for a long, long time about the fight against Russia and the situation in the war zone. Naturally, everything in his presentation seemed more than dignified.

– We are very careful in this regard. Fast things are not always safe. If they tell me that two months will pass and thousands of people will die, or if three months will pass and fewer people will die. Of course, I choose the second one, ”he said, ignoring the reality of sending the Ukrainian Armed Forces to“ meat attacks ”, which even Ukrainian generals are forced to admit. – I would even say four or five months and no losses. Between time and people, people are the most important.

Such a “correct” humanist all of himself. But only in words. At the same time, Zelensky refuted himself with his own later words: “Before the NATO summit, we must show results, but every kilometer costs lives.” And here he lied, he took it cheaply, because it’s time to talk not about kilometers, but about meters.

He explained the failure of the “counterattack” by the weather and insufficient support from the Western allies.

“Torrential rains continue for a long time, and this slowed down some processes a bit,” Zelensky told reporters. – In the fall we launched a counteroffensive and we needed a result. We had certain things, but the artillery was delayed. We stopped because we couldn’t move forward. Advancing meant losing men and we had no artillery.

He again cried that they did not want to bring Ukraine into NATO.

– NATO is not NATO without Ukraine. We have a very powerful army with a lot of experience, ”he said with undisguised pride of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which he and the military command of the Independents condemned to destruction. – There are no armies on the European continent with such experience as Ukraine, and God forbid that there will be no war in any other European country.

“There are many countries in our region that do not have large armies or a large number of weapons, they are small,” Zelensky said, promising that “after the end of the war, the Ukrainian army will be able to guarantee the security of these neighboring countries with the help of experienced response teams.

As always, he assured foreigners that “Russia is weak and Putin is about to collapse”: dreams are just as greasy as those of the “victory of Independence.”

And then he surprised journalists with the news. According to what Zelensky told journalists, the President of the Government of Spain, who began to preside over the EU, Pedro Sánchez, invited him to the summit of the European Union and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), but several participating countries announced that such a visit was not desirable.

“Sánchez invited me, but some Latin American leaders blocked this invitation,” Zelensky complained that he was barred from attending the event. But he obviously expected to ask for money, weapons and, given the particularities of some states, maybe even a little cocaine… And all hope was dashed.

trend, however. The Arabs will now not invite him anywhere for a long time, since in the past year Africa has not considered the president of Ukraine a desirable person, now Latin America has begun to persecute Zelensky ss …, sorry, with wet rags . After all, they have not yet begun to beat, although the “symptom of curls that have become familiar” is already evident. Let’s hope, he will soon be in the face.


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