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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Applied developments of the Far Eastern Section of the Russian Academy of Sciences seek demand in the region and await support from the center – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 17:43:28

Employees of the Institute of Chemistry of the Far Eastern Section of the Russian Academy of Sciences have developed a hybrid protective layer that can be used, for example, for self-dissolving temporary implants. In case of complex fractures, with the help of these structures, surgeons fix the bone fragments from the inside in the correct position. A modified layer of magnesium oxide, sodium oleate and biodegradable polymeric polycaprolactone will not only ensure the required speed of self-dissolution of the implant, but also eliminate its possible toxic effect on the patient’s body.

“Lately we have developed several types of protective coatings, including for protection against corrosion and intense degradation of magnesium alloys in implant surgery,” said the main researcher of the Institute of Chemistry, professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences , Andrei Gnedenkov. – In vivo and in vitro studies are currently being carried out with a view to subsequent preclinical testing and implementation in practice. We are working in several areas with the support of grants from the Russian Science Foundation.

According to him, local precision electrochemical research methods are used at the institute, which make it possible to accurately determine the corrosion mechanism of the material. By knowing how it breaks down, you can find the way to protect it in the most effective way.

And scientists from the Federal Scientific Center for the Biodiversity of the Terrestrial Biota of East Asia, the Far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, isolated substances with antitumor activity from the bearded roots of the Manchurian plant.

– This Red Book plant is endemic to the coast, very rare and quite poisonous. The merit of our scientists is that they managed to develop a culture of Kirkazon cells and patented a method for their microclonal propagation. We learned how to grow cells in test tubes and obtain extracts. At the same time, the production of useful compounds has almost doubled, and the toxicity of the plant has decreased tenfold, says Olga Ukhvatkina, candidate of biological sciences and senior researcher at the Federal Scientific Center for Biodiversity.

Having thoroughly studied how the material decomposes, you can find a way to effectively protect it.

Research has shown that kirkazone hairy root extracts are effective against human glioblastoma cells, cervical cancer, and colon carcinoma.

The antitumor properties of biologically active marine polysaccharides are being studied by scientists at the Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. These substances are interesting due to their availability, low toxicity and wide variety of mechanisms of action.

“Research has shown that low-molecular-weight derivatives of marine polysaccharides from the red algae A. flabelliformis and M. pacificus can have an effect on colon cancer cells,” said Alexandra Volodko, candidate of chemical sciences and researcher. by TIBOKH. – The results of another study confirmed the effectiveness of the antitumor and radiomodifying effects of polysaccharides from brown algae together with compounds from starfish.

A comment

Yuri Kulchin, academician, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, president of the Far Eastern branch:

– Since the 1990s, difficulties have arisen in the Far East with the practical implementation of advances. We are faced with the fact that industrial companies in the Far East cannot accept modern and innovative technologies because they are used to buying them. This led to the destruction of an effectively functioning chain: fundamental science – applied research – production. There are positive examples of the implementation of our developments, but there could be many more. And for this, it is necessary to solve a serious problem to restore this chain: to build an engineering center in the Far East, where it will be possible to carry out work from design and engineering to the manufacture of ready-to-use parts and devices. implementation in production.

Read more information about the latest scientific achievements and scientific highlights in the Rossiyskaya Gazeta special project for the 300th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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