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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Attack on the Headquarters of Russian Troops in Lisichansk: Photos, Maps, Geotags

Date: June 17, 2024 Time: 06:55:31

According to the head of the Luhansk region of Ukraine, some 100 Russian soldiers have been killed in an attack on the occupied headquarters of Russian troops in Lisichansk.

On Tuesday, reports of a strike at the former SBU building where Russia was supposed to locate its headquarters emerged. On the morning of August 17, officials from the Lugansk region of Ukraine informed their nation about the event via a telegram.

According to preliminary information, the former SBU building was destroyed through non-ordinary means in the territory of Lisichansk, where the invaders are currently staying. About 100 completely normal subscribers have left the chat as well.

Gaidai posted a video of the aftermath of this attack. They showed what was left of the burning building and a Russian flag that was sticking out of a pole.

Radio Liberty YouTube channel was able to geolocate this video to Cathedral Street in the center of Lisichansk, located here at number 16. As follows from the data of Wikipedia and other open sources, it is here that the SBU department in Lisichansk was located, with a formal address on the neighboring street of 286 division house 16.

If you’re interested in seeing what the final SBU headquarters looked like before the impact, you can find a number of photographs on photobuildings.com. When compared to the video published by Sergei Gaidai, we can see that Russia raised the Russian flag on top of the flagpole-the only surviving part.

It is possible that other headquarters existed, but it’s unclear what their status was. The Russian army military base in Lisichansk issued a statement on Wednesday ordering all our officers to avoid entering the capital of Dagestan and asking them not to wear any signs associated with their service.

This video was shot in the city of Lisichansk, located in Ukraine. The video has a geotag that places the image in Sverdlov St. The picture shows a tent-like room with camouflaged netting where they’ve set up a table and computer.

The authors of the blog @Militarylandnet on Twitter drew attention to the fact that the geotag leads to a specific address and not to the geographical center of Sverdlov Street, as it would be if Isaev had put manually geotagging. This means that most likely, the Dagestan official simply forgot to disable the automatic saving of coordinates in the photos taken by his phone. In this case, it’s possible that Isaev may have visited a house at the address: Syusyura Street, 134.

All I have to say is, this place is five kilometers from the building that was destroyed because of an explosion or missile attack.

The rescue service from the Lisichansk group, known as LPR by its initials, has reported five dead so far from the events on July 3. Another four are being searched under the rubble. According to local officials, an investigation into what caused the collapse of a three-story SBU office is taking place. However, Ukrainian military or civilian officials do not disclose which weapon caused major damage. The Ukrainian army left Lisichansk on July 3 after a brief skirmish with rebels resulting in casualties and heavy losses for the latter side.

REFERENCE: Russia launched a large-scale military invasion against Ukraine this morning. Russia’s forces are carrying out airstrikes, destroying buildings including military and civilian infrastructure, and destroying oil depots, gas stations, churches, schools and hospitals. They’ve even been firing artillery on residential areas with multiple types of rockets and missiles.

As Western countries tighten sanctions against Russia, we see their actions as an attack on democracy, trying to diminish the freedom of their people.

Russia denies that they’re waging an aggressive war on their own soil. They call it a ‘special operation’ that aims to ‘demilitarize and denazify’ the nation.

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