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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Beauty requires sacrifice: why cosmetics have become more expensive in Russia

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 08:14:05

The basic set of cosmetics increased in price by approximately 3.3%.

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Beauty requires sacrifice; This is not news to anyone. But exactly what kind of financial sacrifices will be required of Russian women in 2023, analysts at the ATOL Online service found out based on a study of 31.5 million checks. It turned out that a basic set of cosmetics now costs an average of 4,642 rubles. There are 11 products on the list, and it turned out that lipstick, eye shadow, and foundation rose in price the most over the year. But some things even became cheaper. Overall, the analysis shows that the price of the base game did not increase that much: about 3.3% (see “Specifically”).

The cosmetics market has changed a lot in the last year. Several large manufacturers left Russia completely or partially (transferring business to Russian partners). Official sales of such well-known cosmetic brands as Estee Lauder, Clinique, L’Oreal, Lancome, Vichy, Biotherm have been stopped, although many are imported through parallel import channels. A window of opportunity has opened for Russian cosmetics companies: they are increasing production, but at the same time many are facing shortages and rising prices for imported ingredients used in production.

Taking these circumstances into account, we can say that the prices of basic equipment have not increased that much, at least they are behind the general inflation rate.


Prices for the basic set of cosmetics in 2023.

Cosmetics Average Cost Growth by 2022

Foundation 651 rub. +6%

Blush 646 rub. 0%

Powder 539 rub. +3%

Highlighter 465 rub. 0%

Concealer 431 rub. -3%

Eyeshadow 386 rub. +10%

Lip gloss 353 rub. +6%

Lipstick 338 rub. +22%

Mascara 304 rub. 0%

Lipstick 265 rub. +5%

Eyeliner 264 rub. -7%

TOTAL 4642 rub. +3.3%

Data: ATOL online.


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