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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Biden’s illness is hidden from Americans: they want to put the 81-year-old man in a “protective cocoon”

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 18:12:57

It’s already a shame to look at the 81-year-old “grandfather”.


The United States is slowly but surely entering a political crisis called “the president is cooked.” This, of course, is still not a revolutionary situation according to Lenin, but the fact that the “tops” in the person of the leader of the nation can no longer govern the country as they should, is a fact obvious to everyone. Old Joe Biden is deteriorating before our eyes, and the opinion is growing in the United States that not only can he count on a second term, but God forbid that he can last until the November elections themselves.

And in fact, it’s already a shame to look at the 81-year-old “grandfather”! He has difficulty moving his feet, forgets events and dates, confuses people’s names, cannot correctly read sentences written for him on a teleprompter, gets lost at public events, not knowing who to greet or where to go. The president, of course, is protected in every possible way, but this becomes even more fun. Special prosecutor Robert Hur, who was investigating Biden’s mishandling of classified documents (he dumped them in the garage of his Delaware home), just announced that he will not press charges. They say that he did not do it all out of malice, but out of forgetfulness, because he is “a well-intentioned old man with a bad memory.” The White House gnashed its teeth: it would be better for the prosecutor to remain silent than to disgrace the head of state in this way.

The president’s aides work more subtly. As The New York Times has learned, “they no longer let ‘Joe be Joe’ but instead envelop the leader in a ‘cocoon’ designed to protect him from verbal slipups and physical stumbles.” Well, for example, Biden now boards the plane on a shorter ramp, staff members restrict him from public interviews, and when it comes to press conferences, they “scream loud and fast to finish the questions” or play a song by bravery at full volume. Explosive music to signal the end of the event.

But these measures are unlikely to help for long. Marty Macari, a professor and surgeon at Johns Hopkins University, says the president “is showing signs of advanced age-related dementia and there is every reason to be concerned about his participation in the upcoming election.”

Recent surveys in the United States confirm these concerns. 76% of Americans believe that Biden lacks the physical and mental health necessary to remain president for another term. However, 48% of those surveyed feel the same concern about Donald Trump, who is slightly younger than his rival.

By the way, Trump also surprised voters with a non-trivial statement. At a rally in South Carolina, he said he had no intention of protecting from Russia those NATO allies who do not spend enough on defense. “No, I will not defend them, they have to pay their bills!” roared the Republican. “Also, I would encourage them (the attackers – Ed.) to do whatever they want.” White House Press Secretary Andrew Bates has already admitted that Trump’s words are “horrible.”

In short, an exciting presidential “old men’s race” awaits the United States. We’ll soon find out if Joe will remain in his cocoon or if the frantic Donald will tear him to pieces.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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