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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Billion Dollar Business Ruined: To Pay Off His Debts, Will Pavel Derevianko Act in Movies for Free?

Date: February 29, 2024 Time: 13:52:39

In the series “Unprincipled” Derevianko played the charismatic businessman Slavik. But in life he did not become a businessman. Photo: Frame from the film.

This seems to be the case when a role beautifully played by an actor in a film suddenly materializes in everyday life. The most striking image of Pavel Derevianko in recent years is that of businessman Slavik from the television series “Unprincipled”. A charismatic womanizer, willing to lie at all times and scam everyone out of money. Either he sells bottles of “Patrick Air” (Patriarch’s Ponds, an elite area in the center of Moscow), for 1,000 rubles each, or he blackmails rich uncles and aunts, collecting incriminating evidence about them with the help of janitors.

And suddenly, on you. The entire Internet is full of headlines: “Actor Pavel Derevyanko was accused of fraud,” “Police report filed against “Unprincipled” star,” “Lawsuit against Derevyanko will be heard in court.”

Some doubted: they say, this is simply a non-standard PR for the next season of the sensational series…

But it turned out that both the statements to the police and the demands were real. And the tens of millions of rubles they talk about really disappeared. In addition, other figures from popular cinema also participated in this story.

Cryptocurrency income

“A Moscow resident wrote a statement against Pavel Yuryevich Derevyanko in one of the district police departments,” a law enforcement source told KP. – A man accuses the actor of fraud worth several tens of millions of rubles.

The statement was written by a certain Sergei Nikolenko. According to the man, from the fall of 2022 to the spring of 2023, he repeatedly lent large sums of money to Derevianko and his business partner Grigory Muluzyan. And supposedly each time this was confirmed by the loan contracts that the actor signed.

Why did the movie star need this? And this is not for him. According to the applicant, he was an investor in the “company” of Derevyanko and Muluzyan, which raised money for profitable investments in the cryptocurrency exchange (see “KP Dictionary”). They promised that the money would be spent on the exchange rates of Bitcoin and other “coins” (as cryptocurrencies are called in the slang), and then paid back with interest. They say that the profitability will exceed the most generous offers of the banks several times!

– According to the man, these were short-term loans. But in the end he never saw his money,” our interlocutor continues.

At the same time, Nikolenko himself filed a lawsuit against Derevianko. Then another woman made a similar claim. And then it turned out that there were victims among Derevyanko’s colleagues. It turned out that the actor himself invited them to the business, describing great profits.

“Brother, I’m really done!”

For example, actor Artem Tkachenko (“Vampires of the Middle Zone”, “Casanova in Russia”, “Salvation Union”) lost 6 million rubles and 10 bitcoins (at the current exchange rate, the “coins” would cost 33 million of rubles). .

Artist Artem Tkachenko lost 6 million rubles and 10 bitcoins (they cost about 33 million rubles) in Derevyanko’s cryptocurrency business.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Director Marius Weisberg, who directed several Vladimir Zelensky films (“Love in the City,” “Lieutenant Rzhevsky vs. Napoleon”), lost approximately 8 million. They have known Derevianko since the mid-2000s, when the actor played Weisberg in the failed comedy “Hitler Kaput!” And since then they have worked together more than once.

Tkachenko made no public comments about his financial losses. But Weisberg… came out to support Pavel Derevianko. He posted a video on social media. And before that, he wrote a statement to the police, against Derevianko’s former partner, Grigory Muluzyan.

– In June of this year, on the set of my new film, Pasha came up to me and said: “Brother, I’m done!” It turned out that the cryptocurrency business, which I also invested in, turned out to be just a large-scale fraudulent financial pyramid. It was organized by swindlers whom the naive Pasha considered his associates. I, of course, also suffered from the actions of these people. But the main victim of this whole story is, of course, Pasha Derevyanko himself. He put everything he had into it. And I got involved in this business because I want to help a friend in trouble.

According to KP, in total Derevyanko and Muluzyan attracted money from more than 20 investors in just over a year. About a third of them were friends and colleagues of the actor and came to this “business” precisely on his recommendation.

At the same time, Pavel Derevyanko’s lawyers assure: the actor is simply a gullible victim of the cryptocurrency trader Muluzyan. The two reportedly met in the fall of 2021. Derevianko decided to invest in cryptocurrencies and transferred all of his savings to Muluzyan, hoping to increase them.

And suddenly problems arose. Muluzyan allegedly convinced Derevianko that new injections were needed to save money.

“Pavel received loans from four banks for a total of 56 million rubles, which he transferred to Muluzyan. According to these commitments, Pavel is still paying the loans, the lawyers clarify. – In addition, Muluzyan, through deception, slipped Derevianko a number of documents to sign, which, as it turned out later, were loan contracts for a total amount of 150,536,000 rubles. “In the loan contracts, Muluzian’s friend Sergei Nikolenko appears as a lender.”

Interestingly, the contracts stipulate incredible interest rates: 84% per year. And the accountant, as they say, runs, the amount of debt increases every day.

Grigory Muluzyan, together with the actor, was involved in cryptocurrency trading. Photo: Grigory Muluzyan/VK

Furthermore, Muluzyan allegedly convinced Derevianko to sell even his only apartment. But he (this was already in the summer of this year) realized that he had been deceived.

“I spent my money on tits.”

In recent weeks, Pavel Derevianko communicates with journalists exclusively through lawyers. But Grigory Muluzyan, oddly enough, does not shy away from the press.

For example, the actor did not attend the first hearing on Nikolenko’s lawsuit, as he sent defense lawyers, but Muluzyan (he is also the defendant in the lawsuit) was present. And he was shocked when Derevianko’s representatives said the actor had earned nothing and that Nikolenko had received no money.

– Yes of course! -Muluzyan became enraged after the hearing in the court hallway, tapping instant messaging messages on his phone. – I have proof that Pavel and I were full partners and he benefited from all this. Here is a chat where he periodically writes how much we earned on that particular day.

In the end, Gregory discouraged journalists with a statement:

– Pavel spent this money on tits for his girls! He did plastic surgery on them: breast augmentation, lip augmentation, dental procedures. He always had many girls…

What does Revva have to do with this?

In an exclusive interview with KP, Grigory Muluzyan admitted that before Pavel Derevianko, his business partner was… comedian, actor and singer Alexander Revva.

But first, you need to explain what exactly the “company” was doing (by the way, it was not even officially registered), raising money from investors to make these amounts work on the crypto exchange.

– First we met Pasha Derevyanko. He was the one who introduced me to Revva. And he decided to get into this business and start investing in the cryptocurrency market. It was late 2021. As partners, Revva and I had to pay half of all operational activities: office rental, etc. One day he refused to pay his share and we broke up. Then Pavel Derevyanko bought Revva’s shares and became a 50% owner of the seller.

A trading assistant, also known as a bot, is a computer program that analyzes the market and looks for offers to sell cryptocurrency at a price favorable to the owner. Usually it works like this: a person sets up algorithms for the bot: if the price of the “coin” falls to a certain price, the program buys it, if it rises, it sells it.

Alexander Revva was also Muluzyan’s business partner, but left the company in time.


Muluzyan does not say how much Derevianko gave Alexander Revva for this robot. But he reports that this program, which the partners “inflated” several times (external programmers improved it), was supposedly valued at 5 million dollars (at the current exchange rate: 443.3 million rubles).

“The system was like this: the more people and money we brought, the higher the commission the crypto exchange paid us,” explains Muluzyan. – Everything was great for more than a year. At the peak, Derevianko and I raised $12 million (1 billion 64 million rubles) at the same time: it was our money and the investors’ money. But then the problems began. We suddenly found out that the crypto exchange we were working with was about to collapse. We managed to withdraw part of the money, but we lost almost 5 million dollars (443.3 million rubles). Pavel and I had nowhere to go, so we went into debt. And then he walked away from me. I don’t hold a grudge against Pavel. I hope that everything in life falls into place, that one day he comes to his senses and understands the mistake he made by listening to the lawyer. What is transmitted now is not Pasha speaking, but his lawyer.

– How much do you owe?

– Initially, the debt amounted to 4.8 million dollars (425.6 million rubles). Now 1.7 million (151 million rubles) remain. The amount is decreasing because I, for my part, am paying off this debt. I don’t close debts only with some people, because I don’t know what Pavel is doing with them now: these are his friends. For example, Marius Weisberg said that Pasha’s debts would be deducted from film royalties.

In this Santa Barbara, the police are now investigating cryptocurrencies. Perhaps Alexander Revva could explain many things to you about this story. But a native of Donetsk, “Artur Pirozhkov”, as is known, fled abroad after February 2022 and even publicly renounced his father, who supports the SVO…

If in the end it is a matter of initiating a criminal case under the article “fraud committed by a group of persons through prior conspiracy”, the defendants may face a real penalty of up to 5 years in prison. If the damage is considered large or especially large, up to 10 years.


Stock Market Crash or Bitcoin Crash?

“I have three versions of why investors’ money disappeared and business partners ended up in debt,” says cryptocurrency producer, investment and business expert Christina Bell. – The first is really a “scam” (flight with other people’s money. – Author) of that same exchange. The second is the Bitcoin exchange rate crisis, during which many lost money. (In a conversation with KP, Grigory Muluzyan said: supposedly before the collapse they bought “white balls” for 60 thousand dollars (5.3 million rubles) each, but in order to have time to withdraw at least something from the exchange, they had to sell them three times cheaper.- Author) Thirdly, they could create a pyramid-type company. Tell people that Derevyanko is making money with the help of experienced trader Muluzyan and offer investors a high percentage. They probably got the money. Some interest may have been paid at the expense of new customers and then the pyramid collapsed.


Bitcoin (colloquially, cue ball) is the first digital currency that appeared in 2009.

Crypto Exchange is an exchange for selling cryptocurrencies. It works according to a similar scheme with regular exchanges, for example of securities: here you earn money by playing on the fields. Today there are more than 500 crypto exchanges in the world.

Cryptocurrency (colloquially – crypt) is virtual, digital money that exists only on the Internet. And only there, through electronic wallets, can you pay with them. More than 13 thousand cryptocurrencies are already known.

The trader is a seller on the stock exchange.

A financial pyramid is a company that only profits from the influx of new customers, like the famous “MMM”. When the influx of customers decreases, the company burns down.


A plot of life, on screen?

In June of this year, even before all this fuss with Derevyanko, investors and cryptocurrencies, it became known that the actor had started filming a new movie. It’s called “The End of Glory.”

“The actor Slava, much in demand and pampered, suddenly loses everything: contracts, popularity, good relations with his family. However, the main character does not give up and, together with his agent, comes up with a dangerous adventure: burying himself alive to resurrect his career and start from scratch,” summarizes the film on the Kinopoisk website.

Does the plot of the story remind you of anything?

Do you know who the director is? You will be surprised (drum roll and tadam!). Marius Weisberg.

Was it the plot of a movie that broke into real life or did the real story of Pavel Derevianko become the script for the movie? Or are we getting carried away by the nose when promoting a promotional campaign for a new movie? But the heroes of this story couldn’t really sue themselves and write real statements to the police! Or could they?

Apparently we will know soon. The film is scheduled for release in January 2024.

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