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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Billion-ruble dowry: what apartments did Kirkorov, Borodina and Lazarev buy for their children?

Date: May 20, 2024 Time: 09:02:14

Philip Kirkorov provided his son and daughter with very expensive housing.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya responded today to another attack against her 11-year-old son, figure skater Sasha Plushenko. Gossips on social media laughed at the image of the boy on the poster of the new New Year’s ice show. Mom Yana traditionally attacks evil tongues, this time on her Telegram channel: “I propose to count not the money that Sasha Plushenko will spend on some psychologist, but the square meters of the apartment in Patriki, which Sasha Plushenko can already afford. her own money. After this production, she will begin to charge for the second one. Or at home. Or to a parking lot. There she will decide, in general, how she grows. “I am proud of my son, a professional athlete, the star of many shows, whom both adults and children come to see.”

Tal Sasha is one of our star daughters. Most often, our celebrities provide minor children with their own apartments, for the future. We tell you who has already bought a home for their children.

Yulianna Karaulova

Yuliana Karaulova in the apartment she bought with maternity capital for her son.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication on the social network.

The 35-year-old singer and host of the television show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Yuliana Karaulova bought an apartment for her son in a new building a year ago and is now renovating it. The son of the artist and her husband, music producer Andrei Cherny, is still a baby: Sasha is only two years old. According to his mother’s forecast, Alexander will move to a new apartment no earlier than he is 18 years old. Yulianna Karaulova spoke about the purchase of real estate: “This opportunity has arisen. The son took advantage of this opportunity: maternal capital. I hope to renovate and rent the apartment. It is unlikely that we will live there. For us, unfortunately, it is small: 65 square meters.”

Yulianna invested her maternity capital and her own savings in an apartment in a new elite residential complex in Moscow.

Sergey Lazarev

Singer Sergei Lazarev, 40, bought a 110-square-meter apartment with a mortgage in the Moscow district where he grew up: Kuntsevo. The deal was closed last year and the housing is estimated at 35 million rubles. The apartment is located in a business class residential complex. This is Lazarev’s second apartment in Moscow; There is another one with an area of ​​89 square meters. These are apartments for the artist’s children, so that when they are adults they have their own house. Now Lazarev, his 9-year-old son Nikita and his 4-year-old daughter Anna live in a country house in the Moscow region.

Ksenia Borodina

Ksenia Borodina relaxes on the grass near a country house.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication on the social network.

Blogger and presenter of the project “The Last Hero” Ksenia Borodina, 40, lives with her daughters in a country mansion in the Moscow region. Recently, Ksyusha also bought an apartment in the center of Moscow. And before that, Borodina took care of a significant inheritance for her younger daughters, arranging apartments for her children in new residential complexes on Mosfilmovskaya Street.

Borodina, a caring mother, explains buying a house for adulthood this way: “I want my daughters to have apartments. One and the other. Because I don’t know what kind of man they will find. And since they are girls, I want to help them.”

Irina Dubtsova

Author and performer Irina Dubtsova, 41, bought two apartments this year for her 17-year-old son Artem Chernitsyn. One apartment is in Moscow and the other in Dubai. While the MGIMO freshman lives with his mother in a country house in the Moscow region, Artem worked part-time during the summer holidays. Irina explained the purchases: “I feel much calmer because my son has his own roof. And you shouldn’t blame me for buying an apartment. Any parent who had such opportunities would do the same. It is clear that my son is still financially dependent on me. My son is definitely not old and he will not sit on my neck. I may soon be happy to sit on it.”

tatiana vasilyeva

Actress Tatyana Vasilyeva, 76, bought an apartment for her young grandchildren. Vasilyeva works a lot: she acts in theater, makes corporate productions, appears in advertisements and does not miss a single television shoot for which they pay a fee. Vasilyeva’s son, Philip, has two sons from his first wife and two daughters from his current wife. Tatyana Grigorievna bought two apartments in the Patriarch’s Ponds a couple of years ago for her youngest grandchildren for a total cost of 30 million rubles. An apartment in Taganka for my granddaughter and now she is saving to buy another apartment for her one-year-old second granddaughter. In addition, the artist provided accommodation for her daughter and her son.

Natalya Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov

Presnyakov and Podolskaya in their son’s apartment, looking forward to the renovation.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication on the social network.

Spouses Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalya Podolskaya bought 2 apartments for their two small children on the 13th floor of a new building; renovations are coming. Podolskaya said: “I dreamed that there would be two neighboring apartments that, if desired, could be combined or left separate, but they would be the same size. And we found that option.” The apartment has five-metre ceilings and panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows offering views of the park.

A special case

Philip Kirkorov lives with his son and daughter in a mansion near Moscow, he also has a villa in Greece and a house in the United States; apartment on Zemlyanoy Val in Moscow. Two years ago, Kirkorov bought an apartment in the center of Moscow for his children. At a record price – almost a billion rubles – a very rich dowry. Philip bought an apartment on Filippovsky Lane in the Arbat area: a penthouse with an area of ​​537 square meters is spread over two floors, the renovation is luxurious: palace style, mosaics, natural materials, designer furniture.

In this house, Kirkorov bought an apartment for the children worth one billion rubles.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

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