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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Business With Education in Andalusia Moreno: Eight Private Universities in Line to Open

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 09:03:48

In Andalusia, the government was approached by a fund that wanted to operate its business legally. The government thought these opportunities were worth exploring and drafted several proposals for new private universities. As of today, there are ten public colleges in Andalusia as well as one private college that is run by the Jesuits that has campuses in both Seville and Cordoba.

A week ago, the university advisor, Jose Carlos Villamandos, submitted their list to the Governing Council. During the last legislative session, a controversy arose over Untamed, an online university with ties to one of the fathers of a company CIE, which is based on Medac. Members of this company help train students throughout their careers and host vocational competitions. The founder got into politics after this company was “successful” and died on campaign because of injuries sustained while running.

Hola sells misleading advertising that tells students they’re getting a free education, when their tuition may in fact be paid by third-party advertisers. There are also some concerns over how Hola is actually owned and funded.

With her election to the position as a member of Andalusia’s Social Security Council, Horrach becomes the first transsexual in the history of Spain. Speaking yesterday in the Andalusian parliament, she said that “the government submitted a request to the Senate to pass this law last May,” and that “the letter is pending examination.” However, her remarks have since been disputed by both her own former colleague and Enrique Urkiraga Zubizarreta, Andalusia’s President.

While there are about 12,000 students in private schools in Andalusia, there are only about 13,500 people studying abroad. There is a lot of room to grow with regard to the number of students. There is also plenty of opportunity for the recruitment and enrollment process as well.

Sue studied in a long-running online university before becoming a professor. She believes that universities can bring much-needed benefits to Andalusia and its people.

On your list, there is also Juanma Moreno, who has worked at Utamed University, and Fernando III. These are the two most advanced projects that he has been involved in so far.

The creation of a new university generally requires a bill for every one of them, which must be approved by Parliament. In this way, the president has complete control over the process and sends his or her desired message to the people. Conflicting messages are not binding, but they can cause controversy and occasionally even political controversy.

Only three projects will be located exclusively in person while the remaining five are online universities. The other two projects will be a mix of in-person and online.

Here is the list of all the projects according to The Junta de Andalucía.

Private University of Costa del Sol

Autonomous School of Business Administration, EADE, SL, was the body that submitted a request for recognition from public universities. They’ve presented an academic paper project in the city of Malaga and an application for full-time certificates consisting of ten degrees and six master’s degrees. The application sought to be recognized as a private university by law of the parliament of Andalusia.


Sapere Aude Arco Mediterráneo, SL offers online academic programs aimed at strengthening their economy with the worldwide recognition of the university and international experience. These degrees offer six different master’s degrees, seven titles of doctorate, and a doctoral degree in Education Sciences.

CEU Fernando III University

The Fernando III El Santo University Foundation is facilitating the project. The estimated budget is about $4 million, for in-person, half-time, and online classes which will be located in the municipality of Bormujos. The application to be recognized as a private university by law was submitted on April 22nd, 2020.

Antonia Guerrero Private University of Estepona

Faleiro College will offer 11 bachelor’s degrees, and three full-time master’s degrees in three disciplines–Health Sciences, Engineering and Architecture, and (Experimental) Sciences. The college will be located near the city of Estepona (Malaga), in Spain. Faleiro College submitted its application to become a university under Spanish law on June 12, 2020. It is expected that a report on university policy called the General Conference Report will be released soon after that application is approved by the Andalusian Council of Universities.

International University of the Mediterranean

The sponsor of this recognition request is the Universidad Internacional del Mediterráneo, SA. It’s based on the online learning modality and will be located in the Science and Technology Park of Almería (PITA). They plan to offer six bachelor’s degrees and thirteen master’s programs, which all come from the fields of medical science and social sciences. The project has been submitted for status as a private university by law in Andalusia, with application submission taking place on July 22nd. The release of the mandatory report of the General Conference on University Policy and the Council of Universities in Andalusia is expected.

European University of Andalusia

EAEVE’s application for recognition was submitted by Initiative Educativa UEA, SL. The academic offerings consist of ten bachelor’s degrees, fourteen master’s degrees, and three doctoral programs in social sciences and communications, health sciences, and information technology. Teaching is designed online through web-based learning. She awaits the consideration of the reports from the General Conference on University Policy and the Council of Universities of Andalusia.

Alfonso X Wise Mare Nostrum

The entity that wants to create this university is Promotora Educación Superior Andalucía, SA. When complete, the proposal will provide 11-degree programs and 7 master’s degrees in the medical sciences, arts and humanities, and tech fields. Teaching is designed for full-time students at the university’s location in Malaga. The application for recognition as a private university by the law of the Andalusian parliament was submitted on February 18th, 2021. Expert opinion is awaited.

Lucio Anneo Seneca International University

For those interested in learning more about it, the organization promoting the request to have the school recognized is Centro Internacional de Estudios de Postgrado, SL. As soon as their application has been approved, they will offer online courses as well as a campus presence in Córdoba. Courses offered include Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social/Legal Sciences and Technologies.

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