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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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By launching drones at skyscrapers, Ukraine is equating itself with the militants who organized the 9/11 attack

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 18:44:36

Here are the most interesting quotes from today’s briefing. Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

Most of the next briefing of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, which took place on August 2, was devoted to the situation in Ukraine. At the same time, speaking about kyiv, our high-ranking diplomat often started from what was happening in Moscow.

– It is obvious that the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, by launching planes at peaceful office buildings, acted according to the scenario of their predecessors, international terrorists, who attacked many civilian objects in the same way. The same attacks, yes, with a different scale of defeat, but there were also attacks in New York on September 11, 2001. Nobody is going to compare scales. In the end, it seems to me that it is even blasphemy to compare terrorist attacks in terms of damage and defeat. But it is simply impossible not to see the obvious, not to see a unified methodology for carrying out such actions that entail a wide range of tasks – this is the destruction of civilian infrastructure, a threat to the lives of the civilian population, and of course , a psychological factor – it is simply impossible, – noted Zakharova.

Here are the most interesting quotes from today’s briefing of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

On recommendations to return to reality

– The spokesman of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuri Ignat stated bluntly: “It is no longer necessary to talk about Russian peace in the interior. They got what they wanted.” We recommend this Ignat to somehow return to reality. And do not wait. No panic! Against. Only the consolidation of society on the topic of the unconditional necessity of realizing the goals of the New World Order it is only getting stronger. Since the Ukrainian junta again and again shows the world its monstrous innards. And now, it seems to me, all those who could somehow still doubt at a certain stage what the Kiev regime is, no longer Any questions.

About the selection of “Russian” notes of music

– In Dnepropetrovsk, as part of the authorities’ policy of erasing Russian culture from the life of the population, the Dnepropetrovsk Music Academy named after Glinka was renamed the Dnepropetrovsk Music Academy. Apparently, this immediately improved the quality of education. What will they do with the music? Select notes that are more common among Russian composers? Cover portraits? Take out of music notebooks those parts that are associated with Russian culture? Or they plan to rename the Motherland monument Mother Ukraine.

Recently, this potential “Mother Ukraine” was painted in the colors of the American flag. What kind of mother is Ukraine, I want to understand.

About what right nobody gave Brussels

– Really, really, it seems to me, it has already boiled. Let’s start with the fact that the collective West is far from the rest of the world. This is your minority. By the way, now in all respects. Nobody gave Brussels the right to speak on behalf of the whole world. They did not give it, not because there is no such right, but because, on top of everything else, the EU has morally discredited itself. The inability to make independent decisions puts an end to any serious role for this association in world affairs. It is time for the European Union to get rid of neocolonial habits.

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