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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Checkered bags have been replaced by cement bags: how Russia influences fashion trends

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 19:07:13

In China, such a kit costs about 4000 rubles and is in great demand.

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Fashion, as you know, is a capricious and unpredictable lady. Then suddenly, at the dawn of perestroika in the West, Soviet military coats and hats with ear flaps gained incredible popularity, in which fashionistas and fashionistas flaunted through the streets of Paris and New York, then Scandinavians began to shop with pleasure (and continue to do so). so) Russian-made felt boots – after all, they are really comfortable and practical.

But in China, “witpuji” has become popular. Such a print is applied to the ribbon, which in China is part of the attire of schoolgirls-graduates, exactly the same one that young Russian girls choose for the last calls. A school uniform made of a sundress and an apron, bows, only the ribbon is not red, but blue. And “vitpuji”, as you might guess, is a deformed Russian “graduate”. By the way, many remembered that they once also wore Abibas sneakers.

In China, such a kit costs about 4000 rubles and is in great demand. Plus another bestseller: a shopping bag, similar to the plastic cement bags produced by the Russian company Spasskcement. Such a fashion accessory costs about 3,000 rubles in the Celestial Empire in terms of our money, no changes were made to the company logo, the address and telephone number of the corporation were not even removed, and free advertising on Spasskcement is very welcome. Apparently, this print owes so much popularity to the image of the Amur tiger. This animal in China, as well as in Russia, is listed in the Red Book and they treat it with great respect.

In a word, the business of the giants of the fashion industry Gucci and Balenciaga, which not so long ago made fashionable replicas of the famous checkered bags from Russian ferries, is still alive. If you only knew what crap couture hits come from…


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