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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Could not sell an apartment for 60 million rubles in Moscow: Sofia Rotaru left expensive housing and went abroad with her son

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 19:20:10

Sofia Rotaru registered all the assets of her and her son. She now buys a house for her grandchildren.

Photo: social networks

Ukraine’s most famous singer Sofia Rotaru owns luxury real estate in Moscow. However, she Rotaru could not sell it: the artist with Ukrainian citizenship understands that she will not be able to transfer a large sum abroad, where her son and her grandchildren now live.

For almost a year, Sofia Rotaru, 76, did not make herself felt on social media. But on August 24, 2023, the singer posted a photo with her son, on her 53rd birthday. Fans immediately began to find out where the bright photo against the background of a field and sunflowers was taken – we are in a hurry to inform you that the photo is old, archival and was published several times, including two years ago. Many artists (who have something to hide or create a false impression about themselves) started posting stock photos and videos on social media so as not to reveal their true hobby or whereabouts. They can even put a fictitious geolocation: and the fans take everything literally.

Hotel Rotaru in Yalta

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The last relevant information that appeared six months ago about Rotaru was as follows: Sofia Mikhailovna, as before, lives in her mansion, in an elite village 30 km from kyiv. But among the representatives of the entertainment world, information appeared that this summer Sofia Rotaru met with her son, her daughter-in-law and her grandson; They have been living in Italy for more than a year. Previously, it was in Italy that Sofia Rotaru bought a house abroad and registered it for her only son, Ruslan. Ruslan Evdokimenko settled in Italy with his wife Svetlana, his son Anatoly, 29, and their daughter Sofia, 22. They live in the United States, but often visit her relatives. Singer Rotaru also joined her son, daughter-in-law, and her grandson over the summer.

Cottage near Yalta, in the village of Nikita

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Producer Ilya Sagliani tells kp.ru: “According to rumors, Rotaru is now really with his family in Italy. It was in Italy that Rotaru bought a property for his family. We were told that Rotaru currently does not have any overseas property. And the Moscow apartment is closed. It is unlikely that any of the artist’s colleagues in Moscow with the appropriate (patriotic) position will contact her and help her with the sale of housing. It will be hard to sell.”

In Moscow, Rotaru owns a 120-square-meter apartment on Zoological Street. Similar apartments are now on sale for 60 million rubles. The utility bill is paid by the au pair, a fan since Soviet times. There were rumors that Rotaru wants to transfer real estate to a devoted assistant.

House on Zoological Street, where Rotaru has an apartment.

Photo from: NTV

The janitor has not seen Sophia Mikhailovna here for two and a half years. How did this apartment come to Rotaru? Twenty years ago, after the death of her husband, Sofia Rotaru and her son’s family were going to move from Ukraine to Russia. The singer said: “At one time they thought about moving to Moscow, but then they decided on kyiv. My sister Aurika, a relative of my son’s wife, already lived there. At first they lived in an apartment, and then moved into a house. According to legend, Sofia Rotaru bought an apartment in Moscow herself. And the singer stayed there when she flew in to perform. However, recently the former Russian director of Sofia Rotaru, Olga Konyakhina, said that Yury Luzhkov arranged an apartment in Zoological for Rotaru: “They assigned her an apartment because a singer like her comes often, but she stays in hotels.”

Sofia Rotaru with her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren

Photo: social networks

The People’s Artist of the USSR Sofia Rotaru earned the most money during the years of active concert activity on tours of Russian cities. Many people wrote that she loved to earn cash, in envelopes. For the past 6 years, Rotaru has not actively toured – age: but at private events (before the pandemic), the singer sang in our country for a fee of 50 thousand dollars. Before the pandemic, Rotaru actively sang at anniversaries, weddings, and other nature reserves, but did not advertise her earnings in Russia; she forbade filming her at these events. The star invested her fees in educating her grandchildren abroad and in real estate. Sofia Rotaru has always been the main breadwinner for the family: her son and her daughter-in-law worked in her concert group.

In Russia, Sofia Rotaru also has property in Crimea. The singer sold an apartment in Yalta on Gogol Street with an area of ​​​​178 square meters. The house near Rotaru on the outskirts of Yalta, Nikita’s village, she did not sell, as it is a memory of her husband. But nobody bought an expensive object: a hotel (rewritten for her son) during five years of sales, since they asked a lot of money (20 million euros) for it. The closed hotel is located in the center of Yalta: it has 12 rooms and a restaurant. The singer opened the hotel in 2008 and long before that she had rented this land for 20 years and then bought it. Sofia Mikhailovna promised to build a center for talented children, but instead a business project arose – a hotel for the rich and a restaurant. By the way, at the same time (2008), Sofia Rotaru, by decision of the Crimean parliament, was allocated 14 acres of land free of charge in the village of Massandra, where she grew vegetables for her restaurant in the hotel. Until 2019, the hotel brought income to the Rotaru family. As the 2019 season closed, the hotel was closed at the same time and put up for sale, to no avail.

They say that Sofía Rotaru recently bought a house abroad (Europe and the United States) and recorded it for her grandchildren.


Sofia Rotaru secretly sells real estate in Russia

The singer has already got rid of the apartment in the Crimea, now she is trying to find a buyer for the hotel and is asking for it 2.5 billion rubles! (details)

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