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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Currency, gold, stocks and deposits: how to invest money profitably in 2024 – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: February 29, 2024 Time: 13:59:05


Mikhail Zeltser, an expert on the stock market at BCS World of Investments, drew the attention of RG to the fact that, in the context of the current cycle of interest rate increases by the Central Bank, the yield on deposits It is also growing.

He recalled that now the highest interest on short- and medium-term deposits can be obtained, since the high rate of the Central Bank will not last forever, and in mid-2024 the regulator can begin to make monetary policy more flexible. “That is, in six months deposit rates may drop and we still need time to open a highly profitable deposit,” the expert noted.

Bogdan Zvarich, chief analyst at Banki.ru, shares a similar opinion.

“Given the high rates, in our opinion, fixed income instruments such as deposits and bonds will be an attractive investment instrument. At the same time, they carry significantly lower risks than, for example, stocks. In addition, deposits are the simplest “It is a very understandable instrument for citizens and investments in the bank are insured up to 1.4 million rubles. Therefore, with the current high interest rates, deposits will continue to be the main instrument for investing funds,” the analyst said.


As for bonds, according to Zeltser, they have their advantages over deposits: with their early sale, the accumulated profitability is not lost, and after the introduction of taxes on income from deposits, OFZ became even more attractive.

“Creating a diversified portfolio of bonds will reduce investment risks and obtain a higher return than a deposit. However, this instrument is more complex than a deposit, which reduces its popularity among the population,” Zvarich noted.

Mutual funds and stocks

A mutual fund is a fund that places shareholders’ funds in different assets, and the choice of a mutual fund depends on the investor’s objectives, time frame, and risk attitude. “For those who do not plan to follow the market themselves, this form of collective investment is just what they need,” Zeltser explained.

Regarding stocks, the expert highlighted that although they are higher risk instruments, their profitability can be much higher. “The main thing is not to count on a quick result, and if it suddenly turns out sooner than planned, then good. Among stocks, bank securities look interesting: Sberbank, VTB, TCSG. Gazprom shares are far behind of the market, and it is possible that in 2024 they will begin to recover ground,” believes Zeltser.

In turn, the chief analyst of Banki.ru noted that the approach to investing in stocks should be rational and the risk of consolidation or even correction of the stock market should always be taken into account. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select stocks that can outperform the market. “In particular, we can consider companies that regularly pay dividends. However, the dividend yield from an investment in this type of stock may ultimately be lower than the return on funds when placed in a deposit,” Zvarich pointed out.


If we talk about investments in foreign currencies and alternatives to them, which will protect savings or part of them in case of risks of weakening of the ruble, then here we can consider investments in yuan, says the chief analyst of Banki. ru.

“Banks continue to expand the range of deposits in this currency, there are also bonds denominated in yuan. However, it is worth remembering that the yield on instruments in yuan is lower than in rubles. In addition, you can consider investing in bonds of replacements that are denominated in foreign currency, but payments are made in rubles,” Zvarich warned.

Zeltser believes that the currency is not a priori an investment, since it does not generate income by itself, but carries risks of exchange rate variations. “If a currency is needed for some purpose, then the exchange rate of 90 per dollar is definitely more interesting than the current one of 100. But speculating is risky: another wave of devaluation of the ruble is not expected,” the expert said.


When it comes to investing in gold for Russian citizens, there are several tools, Zvarich notes. Among them we can highlight the purchase of gold bars, mandatory health insurance, gold mining shares and gold futures. However, they all have their own characteristics that affect the final profitability, which must be taken into account when investing money.

“Taking into account the risks of consolidation or even a fall in gold prices in 2024, these investments should be approached very carefully, allocating only a small part of the portfolio. At the same time, investments in gold can help protect part of funds in the “In case the risk of a weakening of the ruble materializes. However, in our opinion, a more interesting tool in this context is, for example, replacement bonds, which allow obtaining a more predictable return,” noted the chief analyst of Banki.ru. .

Real estate

Investing in real estate is considered by many to be a good option to save ruble savings from depreciation. But, according to Zeltser, these investments are overvalued.

“The tightening of mortgage conditions can reduce demand with an increase in supply on the market, a factor that favors price correction, and investments may not be justified,” said the expert. In his opinion, deposits and bonds will still be a much better investment in 2024.

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