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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Danya Milokhin wants to return to Russia, but life in Dubai is arranged

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 20:18:36

Danya Milokhin wants to return, but at the same time arranges her life in Dubai


Blogger Danya Milokhin, 21, received his driver’s license in Dubai this week and himself starred in a blockbuster with his return to Moscow. He posted archival photos and photos of friends from Moscow. Although he himself only plans to fly to Moscow in the very near future.

But Milokhin greatly provoked the public to evaluate his immodest personality, he achieved at least this: attention, interest, dates, and he can console himself with the hope that in his homeland someone will invite him to film, order him a party. However, judging by the negative reaction of the public to the news about Milokhin’s arrival, it is obvious that the work will be done only if he changes his behavior, comes to his senses, stops talking nonsense and decides who he is, where and with who. . But Danya seems to be planning this for now – to live in Dubai and periodically fly to Moscow when there is work here.

The boy cried a couple of months ago: “I earn zero. I don’t have any advertising! But I have friends. I never saved, I always spent… Recently a rumor began to spread that I could return to Moscow. And I was frightened by the fact that Channel One reacted vividly to these words. It seemed to me that they really did not want me to come back. That’s why I’m still afraid…”

The only thing they fear is that there is no work for the current Dani here. A year ago, Dana Milokhin got tired of starring in the TV show “Ice Age”, she quit her job and flew on vacation with friends to the United Arab Emirates. So he lost huge fees, both for shooting and for advertising contracts, which were broken with him after this trick. They simply stopped offering him work: it was not the first time that agreements had been broken. After such an outburst, the star-studded blogger lost all offers from him. And then he gained a reputation for himself: he flew to visit some blogger friends in the United States, where he repeated the Ukrainian anthem after the pro-Ukrainian blogger Artur Babich lived on social networks. At first, Milokhin sang the Russian anthem, but he remembered that Babich was from Ukraine, and he himself sang the Ukrainian anthem with him. After this, the Russian audience called Danya Milokhin a traitor. And she became dependent on the foreign agent Morgenstern *: in order not to pay the rent, she began to live in his house in Dubai. Danya travels, goes to restaurants, often at the expense of wealthy colleagues. Milokhin is establishing life for her in Dubai. She but she survives only with sporadic income: she sings and dances in clubs.

*The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included Morgenstern in the list of individual foreign agents.

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