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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Decl’s son records music and dreams of being a journalist

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 16:41:06

Tony Tolmatsky turned 18 in June. Photo: Diana Stefanova

Anthony Tolmatsky and Decl have a difference in birthdays – a month. In June, Tony celebrated his coming of age and on July 22 his father would have turned 40. Anthony, who literally grew up backstage as his father took him everywhere with him, is also a music aficionado and recently released a new song, DEJAVU. Many noted that the interesting manner of Tolmatsky Jr.’s performance is very reminiscent of Decl’s delivery. In an interview with KP.RU, Anthony Mercury John (this is Tolmatsky Jr.’s full name) told what he is doing now, how he communicates with his relatives and whether he was at his father’s grave .

Before talking to Tony, we found out if his grandparents listened to his new song DEJAVU. Irina Tolmatskaya said that the song had improved for her and Alexander Tolmatsky, who had been Decl’s producer for many years, described the single as “not bad”.

The song became Tony’s second in a row. It can be heard on all known Internet sites, as well as on the artist’s own social networks. With promotion and management, the 18-year-old singer is helped by his girlfriend named Diana.

“I learned music by watching my father. I grew up in dressing rooms and backstage. I saw and heard a lot,” Tony Tolmatsky told KP.RU. – It’s incredible that they gave me my father’s speech. I don’t read him, but everyone I know says he is. The new track DEJAVU can be attributed to several styles at once: hip-hop, funk and chaos. Until now, I do not see any reason to release albums, because this is the work of half a year, and in fact, two tracks will blow up the audience at most. I think it’s much better to do singles now than what I plan to do regularly in the future.”

Photo: Diana Stefanova

Until now, Tony only performs at friends’ parties. According to him, he must record at least five more tracks to organize a full concert and then together with another artist.

“If you are the child of a famous person, you are more likely to be treated with caution. I only have one reputation left from my father, and I’m still working on it. My task is to maintain it. Will I continue my father’s work? See what you mean by that. If you do the same as him, it’s more likely no than yes. To do my thing, but in the same vein, so yes, I continue his work, ”Anthony shared with KP.RU.

For the summer, the young singer moved from his mother to his grandmother in order, according to him, to establish contact with her. Tony tries to maintain relationships with all relatives, including Alexander Tolmatsky’s grandfather, whom he simply calls Sasha.

Photo: Artem Matsevich

“Time will show. We communicate well with Sasha, it seems that he is not bad. I also communicate with Fedor and Anfisa (children of Alexander Tolmatsky from his second marriage – ed.). They are nice, so calm, but it is suspected that they can have a good future. Fedor plays the drums, he is great at it. But he still needs to learn to feel the rhythm itself. Try. I even released him several old albums in which you can hear some interesting moments, ”the son of Decl told KP.RU.

Tony celebrated his coming of age on June 17, first at a restaurant with family, and then at a party with friends. On Decl’s birthday on July 22, he, along with his grandmother and his mother, went to his father’s grave.

“There were a lot of people, he stood up, he spoke to the fans. Then Sasha and her son got up. And this issue is difficult for me, of course,” Anthony told KP.RU.

And this summer, Tony was busy going to college. The young man plans to become a journalist.

“I applied to three institutes, but in general I hope to enter the journalism faculty at Moscow State University, with the specialty “Media Communication”. But I still can’t say for sure: I don’t want to croak! You’ll find out pretty soon!” Tony shared.

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