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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Director Makar Kozhukhov: “Roman Kostomarov’s pace of social and physical adaptation is amazing”

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 20:05:39

Roman Kostomarov. Photo: Dmitri Feoktistov/TASS

Within the framework of the business program of the online film festival “New Season”, currently being held at Rosa Khutor, Deputy Director General of the Prime Minister and director Makar Kozhukhov said that Roman Kostomarov will star in the documentary series “Cyborg”. The project talks about the lives of people with prostheses and will be presented exclusively on the Premier online platform. We personally asked Makar about the new series.

– Makar, how did the idea to create this socially significant project come about?

– A year and a half ago, my friend and colleague told me that one of his areas of activity is a company that creates robotic and bionic prostheses. He is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. Then I told him that this is a great story and that somehow we had to get together and make a movie out of it. We walked with this thought, and after a while another of our companions said that there are people with prostheses who live actively and even practice wakeboarding. We ended up putting these two ideas together and the project was born. Then the Internet Development Institute supported us, we did a project with them, for which we are very grateful. In general, everything began to take shape. We also play things that few people know about. For example, the State, with the support of various funds, compensates part of the amount for the creation of a prosthesis.

– How did you find heroes? And how many are there?

– We were helped by the Motorika studio, which produces prostheses. There were six heroes. Then we put them together. heroes together. We found a guide for them. And they partially act as conductors. In addition, doctors, psychologists and engineers who create such advanced technologies took part in the series. In general, creating a prosthesis is a complex process that requires preparation. This includes rehabilitation, adaptation, work with psychologists and doctors. We immerse ourselves in the fantastic world of technology. This is how the name “Cyborg” was born. And the boys are called that. And the main thing is that they can do everything: one of our heroines has more than 30 parachute jumps.

Makar Kozhukhov. Photo – press service of the “New Season” festival

– As I understand it, prosthetics were also made for Roman Kostomarov? How did he become the hero of your project?

– They are still in the manufacturing process. Everything is a little more complicated there. It is clear that the entire country was watching what was happening to him. And as soon as the opportunity to contact Roman arose, our partners immediately did so. We are now in the process of working with Roman, who demonstrates fantastic willpower. What can I say, he is an Olympian. The pace of his recovery, the pace of social and physical adaptation is amazing!

– Have you already started filming?

– Not yet, but very soon.

– Will there be a separate series about it or will it be integrated?

– It seems to me that it is not entirely fair to distinguish him from the other boys. It is clear that he is in the media, and has enormous weight, but he is still “inside.” This isn’t a movie about him, it’s about all the guys.

-Does Roman share a personal story in “Cyborg”?

– We do not have the task of telling how Roma trained and then became an Olympian. We want to talk about him now and show by his example that everything is possible and that each person is unique. And here is another question, rather, of strength, which Roman does not lack.

– How many episodes will there be?

Three episodes in which the stories of our heroes intertwine. For example, one of our heroes is a military man who lost both legs. And he ended up getting on a wakeboard. Each of our heroes has fantastic willpower and a love of life. They are all very bright guys. One of our missions is to show that people who, by coincidence of circumstances, are different from us, from the standard ones – I don’t like this stupid word – are, in fact, just as common. And I will never in my life dare to call them, God forbid, disabled. They do skydiving, wakeboarding and half dancing. They do what they want.

– By the way, about bionic prostheses that improve the lives of these people. Is this the latest technology?

– Yes. Now there are prostheses that allow you to determine if it is hot or cold, hard or soft. And what is even more satisfying is that this is a completely Russian development. And stories like these also develop patriotism and make us feel proud of our country.

– Surely these prostheses are very expensive?

– Everything related to improving life is expensive. It’s like with a car. They are different. If it’s a hand, then one costs, if it’s a leg, then another. The larger the set of internal functions, the more expensive the prosthesis will of course be. But thanks to the people who create these types of technologies and the foundations that support them, nothing is impossible.

– Were there similar projects before this one?

– If they were. And we did them too. We have launched a “White Crows” project on bloggers with disabilities. We believe that it is very important not only to entertain with interesting series, but also to implement a social mission, highlighting important topics that are little talked about. And we also do it cinematically: beautifully, with graphics and light. “Cyborg” is a full-fledged documentary film.

– When will the launch take place?

– Early 2024. I think in spring.

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