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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Does Kennedy Jr. have a chance to become US president: the politician opposes Biden and helps Ukraine?

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 19:53:29

Robert Kennedy Jr has no political reputation


… – Hello, Vitaly Alekseevich, now I can hear you well. And before that, well, no way!

– And I left the house on the porch.

– Do you have a front porch?

– The only. What it is, is what it is. And here I am sitting on it.

– Another potential US presidential candidate, Robert Kennedy Jr., called the supply of American F-16 fighters to Ukrainian troops a threat not only to Ukraine, but also to all of humanity. How is his rating in general, what weight do his statements have in the United States, in the world?

– It seems to me, Alexander, that these statements should be taken together with the general qualification, with the attitude of the Americans in general towards the conflict in Ukraine. Which is driven by American guns.

Do the Americans treat her badly?

– Yes bad. Not just as a conflict, but as a way to waste money. American citizens believe that their taxes go to nobody knows what.

In addition, in America, the question is increasingly being raised that this money goes to God knows where, the weapon ends up on the black market. And it is not sold in the countries where it is shipped.

And in general, the bad porridge brewed by Biden will come out on the side. Robert Kennedy Jr. insists on the same. And this resonates with Americans.

But for now, Trump is the most highly rated and cornered Trump, and he is leading the way.

– But he is “stitched a case.” And – not one!

– If he’s in jail… To be honest, I don’t remember the case when a politician who is in jail was elected president in the United States. We’ll see.

– Still, what are the chances that Kennedy joins the presidential race and thus give chances to the rest?

– As for Robert Kennedy Jr., he has a wonderful last name.

In addition, he is the nephew of Robert Kennedy, who was assassinated when he was the most reliable candidate for the presidency. After his brother murdered John…

But, you see, Kennedy’s nephew has no political reputation. He only has a reputation as an environmentalist, a good person, honest and kind. But this is not enough.

If Biden is up to his neck in all kinds of trade, mud, then Robert Kennedy Jr. is more honest.

But if only with these criteria the Americans chose their president…

Former editor-in-chief of Ogonyok Vitaly Korotich

Photo: Alexander GAMOV

– What other thing?

– Their main criterion is this: will they be better or worse with this person? Will the perspective that appears be taller or shorter?

In all pre-election scandals, it usually determines what Americans fear most. And the presidential candidates insist that if one or the other wins, they will get everything they fear.

Now, Robert Kennedy Jr. says that if Biden wins, then the money will again fly to nowhere, and US taxes will be wasted without a trace. We’ll see. Either way, this is serious.

But while he has not yet become a candidate, and while Biden is clamping down on Trump and wants to suppress all applicants who could interfere with him. Let’s see what you can do.

All of this is not a fight for justice, but for the White House.

I think Robert Kennedy Jr. is not ready to become a national leader yet.

At least Americans are used to Biden by now. Old, inactive, not very smart. But, one way or another, they see it and, at least, with it all the time they count on it not being worse.

And the money, of course, is a pity. For this reason, at the same time there is talk that no, we must get out of this war.

– But let’s go back to the F-16…

– But with regard to aircraft, this is a very serious issue. Because we are not just talking about the F-16, but about the fact that Sweden already offers its own fighters, its own designs. That France can give its own.

The fact is that you will not hold a fighter by the tail. Of course, they will fly to Russia, and the conflict will spread to territories that have not yet been involved.

– Will Russia let them fly? The same was said about the German Leopard tanks.

– Here. And Russia is trying to resist this in every possible way. (We are talking about the F-16. – AG) The Americans are opposed only in terms of level – it will cost them cheap or not very cheap.

There is such a powerful propaganda screech around the events in Ukraine that it dwarfs everything else.

However, the cost also matters.

If Robert Kennedy Jr. now comes up with some kind of decisive idea that will remove all problems from the table of this great game and put him in the lead in the electoral race, he will have every chance of taking the White House. . Because Biden is more likely to follow momentum than the president’s reputation over the next four years. We’ll see.

– Yes. Besides, there’s still a whole year left before the elections.

– Until November 5, there is still time, so let’s wait.

Much still depends on what kind of advisers Robert Kennedy will have. In fact, in fact, not a single presidential candidate “thinks”, he usually has a good team that thinks instead of him.

If the “new Kennedy” already has such a team, let’s hope he maybe drives Biden away?

– Thank you.

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