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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Fate united in the NVO zone: a businessman from Krasnodar and a former mayor studied at the same school, and now they are fighting in the same unit.

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 08:39:50

From left to right: Nikolai Pavlov, Evgeny Pervyshov and soldiers from their unit. Photo: Good and Work Foundation

Krasnodar businessman, host of the program “In the words of an eyewitness” on the radio “KP” Nikolai Pavlov Nikolai has been in the NVO zone as a volunteer for several months. He serves in the unit of the former mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshov. He says that Pervyshov as a commander is good, strong, correct, very caring and attentive to the staff. They are known for his work in the Krasnodar City Duma (Nikolai Pavlov was a Krasnodar deputy in the past). And now they are fighting together in the NWO zone.

Reality in the NWO zone: it reveals people, gives time and allows you to talk, since it does not arise in everyday life. And then suddenly it turns out that both Pervyshov and Pavlov grew up in the “cities of the city”, and not just in one area, but in neighboring yards! They lived in the neighboring streets. And they studied at the same school Krasnodar N 48. With a difference of several years, but with the same teachers.

And the kindergarten “Solnyshko”, small, cozy, still in the “Soviet spirit”, on Zakharova street, dear and loved by both. Pervyshov went to the garden, and Pavlov lived in a house 50 meters from the fence. Then it was a special courage to sneak into the territory for a quiet hour, climb a huge cherry tree in the middle of the garden and eat the berries without being noticed, while teachers and preschoolers went downstairs. And then it turned out that the children of both friends passed through this garden.

And today our daughters study at our own school No. 48, – says Nikolai Pavlov. – My daughter is studying in primary school with a teacher … Pervyshov. Rudenko Svetlana Grigorievna was her class teacher, 35 years ago. And today my daughter. How is this possible?! She, this teacher, taught in my class! And her husband, Nikolai Nikolaevich, led physical education with us.

Besides. Pervyshov and Pavlov simultaneously entered the Krasnodar City Duma in 2005! Then together they were re-elected for a second term. Then Evgeny Pervyshov became the mayor of Krasnodar, and then he became a deputy of the State Duma and went to Moscow.

And in 2022, both decided that they would not walk away from the NWO. Pervyshov volunteered, and Pavlov first helped the Donbass with a humanitarian mission. But we met by chance in the Donbass at the crossroads, in the fall of last year. Accidentally catching a connection, accidentally calling. Pavlov was traveling from Lugansk, and Pervyshov from Donetsk. Nikolai has already chosen where to go as a volunteer; he simply did not tell anyone about this decision.

And then, at the crossroads, when I accidentally met Zhenya, whom I had not seen for several years, he told me: “If you decide where, come to us!” Then I realized that if possible I would go to him, says Nikolai Pavlov.

And went! For several months he has been fighting in his unit with the Nazis.

And then, they still didn’t know about this, that their male friendship in the NWO zone, it turned out, “grew up” from a childhood.

And the interesting interweaving of destinies continues. So, on February 23, the 48th school delivered humanitarian aid to the Pervyshov unit, the soldiers received parcels from soldiers brought by the Good and Deed Foundation.

Nikolai Pavlov received this letter from a schoolgirl from Krasnodar. Photo: Good and Work Foundation

I received a package, – says Pavlov. – I open the child’s letter and see Natasha’s name in the signature. And immediately my heart warmed: my daughter’s name is also Natasha! She also goes to the second grade at the same school. Only my Natasha is in the second grade “B”, and this girl is from a parallel class with the letter “A”. Even the blade trembled in my hands, and my heart, as they say, “sank.” These are the interweaving of generations and children. names Events. Masters and destinations.

Two fighters of the Russian army. Ours, Krasnodar.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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