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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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“Flies land on you more often”: Chumakov mocked Lazarev and tested Dolina’s school knowledge

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 09:01:08

Singer Alexey Chumakov went to the popular program “Contacts”

Photo: Video box.

Singer Alexey Chumakov took part in the famous Internet show “Contacts” by comedian Anton Shastun. According to the rules of the project, the host asks the guest questions, but the people in the hero’s notebook must answer them.

One of the questions was: “In my opinion, the hermit crab went to the dining car to press the shut-off valve or at least eat. How many hyphens are there in this sentence? Chumakov decided to call the People’s Artist of Russia Larisa Dolina, whom he called an archaeologist in Russian.

Photo: Video box.

“This is the call from the most valuable person in your life,” Chumakov began his conversation with the pop singer.

Alexey read a question about the rules of the Russian language that they study at school. At first, the Valley made a mistake and said there were three scripts. After which he started counting them and was still able to give the correct answer: 4 dashes. And the singer turned out to be absolutely right.

For help on another difficult issue, Chumakov turned to another colleague of his, Sergei Lazarev, who had previously attended the “Contacts” fair himself. The Eurovision participant had to answer a very complicated question: “You are walking down the street and they turn towards you: on a bicycle, a fly and a man. How many eyes are looking at you if it is known that there are more than the Kardashian sisters, but fewer than members of the Fellowship of the Ring?

Sergei Lazarev

Photo: Daniil OPARIN.

First, Chumakov tried to find out from Lazarev how many Kardashian sisters there are. However, it turned out that he had no idea of ​​the number of sisters. After which Lazarev began to count the number of eyes of all the listed characters, but he ran into a problem: the singer did not know how many eyes the fly had.

“I don’t know either. They told me to check with you. It seems like the flies are landing on you a little more often,” singer Alexey Chumakov joked to Lazarev.

Larisa Dolina

Photo: Daniil OPARIN.

As a result, after thinking for a minute, Sergei somehow miraculously managed to remember how many eyes a fly has and gave the correct answer to the question: 8 eyes.

As a result, Chumakov’s notebook contacts were able to correctly answer all five questions, thanks to which the singer won the show and received the coveted statuette.

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