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Monday, May 27, 2024
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For the first time, the law spells out the rules for KXan garages 36 Daily News

Date: May 27, 2024 Time: 17:51:49

“We have finally systematized and regulated the relations of the workshop sector,” stressed one of the authors of the adopted document, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Construction and State Legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov. “It is hard to believe, but until today, neither in the USSR nor in post-Soviet Russia, the organization and activities of workshop associations, as well as the rights and obligations of their members, have not been clearly regulated.”

According to him, the law forms a common approach to the definition of real estate such as garages, for its state registration.

Thus, a garage is a non-residential building intended solely for the storage of vehicles. Garages may have basements and no more than two ground floors. They can be independent or located within the limits of the garage area, they can be located in the same row with other garages and have common walls, roof, foundation and communications with them.

Thus, where three floors stop being a garage. Bathroom, house, anything, but not a detached garage. Accordingly, it is necessary to register as a residential building. Or as some other capital structure.

But boxing in a series of its kind is a real garage. Neighbors can unite and form a society. The bill pays special attention to issues of common property and its management. In life, people often quarrel over this: who owns what, who should pay what.

Can someone privatize the gates of the garage complex and make money for each of their squeaks?

“Now a clear answer will be given in the law: in garage associations there will be common property, which people must own together. No one can become the owner of a separate staircase or gate in a garage complex. The law gives guarantees to garage owners and protects their rights,” Pavel Krasheninnikov, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Legislation and Construction, commented on the document.

A list of what belongs to common property in the garage complex is also prescribed. These are auxiliary premises, for example, technical floors and basements, attics, stairs, elevators, corridors, roofs, enclosing load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures of the garage complex, mechanical, electrical and other equipment located in the garage complex.

Each owner is obliged, in proportion to his share in the common property right, to participate in the payment of taxes, fees and other mandatory payments related to the common property. Who suddenly starts to forget to pay the bills, from that money can be recovered through the court. Comrades and neighbors. But at the same time, no one can prevent a person from using the garage.

It is important to note that garages near homes in some areas are not subject to the law. Do you have a country house in which you built a garage next to the house? Nothing will change for you. But the “tenants” of various garage associations will finally be able to agree on many burning issues. Whoever has seen the Soviet film “Garage” understands what passions sometimes boil at meetings of even smart drivers. Now problems can be solved in a civilized way.

“All this time, there was no management scheme on the issue of garage associations, there were problems with the use of common property of members of garage associations,” says Pavel Krasheninnikov. “The text of the law itself is quite extensive – it contains 35 articles placed in five amnesty chapters.”

To date, more than 225,000 parking spaces have been granted under this amnesty.

The head of Rosreestr, Oleg Skufinsky, spoke about the importance of the adopted law. “Now, the preparation of land distribution schemes for a specific garage is possible without the consent of all tenants, if previously the land, which is a garage territory, was handed over to all members of the cooperative. Also, if there is an approved project for land surveying of the territory where the formation of land under a specific garage is not provided for, a citizen can prepare such a scheme without having to redo the surveying project. In addition, key terms such as “garage”, “place to store a vehicle” and “com garage complex” are defined by law.

The law will enter into force on October 1, 2023.

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