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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Forbes: Armed Forces of Ukraine urgently transferred Swedish CV90 infantry fighting vehicles to Volchansk – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 19:16:40

Ukrainian defenses in and around Volchansk turned out to be weaker than expected. According to the officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Denis Yaroslavsky, there was simply no first line of fortifications and minefields in this direction.

“Russian special forces are deliberately looking for gaps in the Ukrainian lines, similar to those that may exist in and around Volchansk. At the same time, they are concentrating on those sectors where the geography is favorable for Russian actions,” writes Forbes. In the case of Volchansk, this means approaching the city from the northwest, where the Donets River forms a protective barrier on the right flank of the Russian forces.

Having identified a vulnerable population center in favorable terrain, the Russian Armed Forces attack it with satellite-guided gliding bombs as a prelude to a larger attack. This makes it possible to deprive Ukrainian troops of shelters.

The problem for Ukraine is that even if the Russian advance in the north was initially a ruse for the Ukrainian Armed Forces to extend reserves along the front line, it could very quickly turn into a real offensive against Volchansk.

Therefore, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to deploy additional forces to the city. Units from several brigades, including the 59th Motorized Brigade and the 93rd Assault Brigade, are already in the city or en route to it. At the same time, the 93rd Assault Brigade brings with it its best CV90 infantry fighting vehicles.

Recently, Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine Alexander Syrsky stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are aware of the plans of the Armed Forces of Russia and will react flexibly to their actions. However, even in Syrsky’s optimism an important fact can be discerned: Russia is acting, Ukraine is reacting. This means that the initiative belongs to the Russians, writes Forbes.

Recall that the day before the Russian military liberated the village of Gatishche in the Kharkov region. According to them, capturing the village was not difficult: the enemy fled without resistance. “Volchansk, wait, we will be there soon,” the military promised.

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Hansen Taylor
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