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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Former Chita Mayor Alexander Sapozhnikov, who volunteered for the NVO zone: We have a lot of tankers like Alyosha, who only defeated a column of armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Date: June 20, 2024 Time: 12:33:01

Former Mayor of Chita Alexander Sapozhnikov and Alexander Gamov

Photo: Andrei Minaev

– Alexander Mikhailovich, I reminded you when I saw on social networks, on TV, the feat of our “Alyosha”, who defeated the column of enemy armored vehicles.

– A true hero!

– Tell me, do you happen to know him? Is this not in your sector of the front?

– No. I think our heroes will be announced soon. (Already announced. True, only the call signs of the heroic crew members have been named so far. – AG)

– In general, are there many Alyos there, in the fighting line?

– Lots of these guys, lots of them. Alekseev, Ivanov, Alexandrov. And in our regiment, where I served (Alexander Sapozhnikov ended up in a hospital in the NVO zone, where he volunteered – the wounds received in the 1st and 2nd Chechen wars aggravated.-AG)), the guys selflessly serve. There was such information that the foreman, I know him well, a guy from Nerchinsk, very well. He made a retreat for the wounded. The commander was wounded, they took him out, but he remained and competently clearly planned the withdrawal of the rest of the participants in the battle and saved people’s lives.

– His name is not Alexei?

– It doesn’t matter. Our Transbaikal type. There are many of those. The other day we were in a war zone, we traveled with a large delegation headed by the Governor of the Transbaikal Territory Alexander Osipov, with Transbaikal artists… We visited our regiments of mobilized. The governor and I were together right at the command post of a regiment, the guys did not expect to see us there. We shook hands and talked. We look at the life of the fighters, what kind of provision, weapons, food. They were in hospitals, our artists performed. And then we went to the area that is restoring our Trans-Baikal Territory – schools, kindergartens, a water pump are being built.

– What did you bring to the front?

– Do you remember that I told you that I had the presidential aide Maxim Oreshkin and the Minister of Development of the Far East Alexei Chekunov in my hospital? They were in Chita for work, they flew to Krasnokamensk and visited our wounded soldiers. I was lucky to meet them, they asked me how to help. I ordered “UAZ”, they were bought, taken away, personally handed over to the soldiers on the front line.

– How many cars?

– Four. And this time we met with the guys from the front, they asked, where are the UAZs? They say, and already “at the front”, I work. They immediately entered the unit and were already in the ranks.

– And what other cargo was in your convoy?

– We brought weapons for anti-drones, quadcopters, sights, thermal imagers, a large amount was distributed among all divisions. The radios have arrived. That is, a large load was collected. Well, and three more fruit, chocolate, cookie machines.

I guess you’ve improved?

– The order for dismissal (commission) from the army came out, now I will prepare a military pension. But I am in the ranks, I will also help my compatriots. I will go again with our delegation at the end of August.

– What were your feelings when you arrived at the front after the hospital?

– Yes, nice. I took the radio station, went out to our guys, already commanders, with my call sign. For example, “Baikal”, I am “Nevsky”, how do you listen, reception? My “Baikal”: “I could not believe my ears what” Nevsky “says.” It was nice.

When the guys saw me, they just didn’t expect us, they rushed to hug us.

– Tell me, what kind of spirit is there?

– Guys, well done, done. They are so loaded that pride takes over them. Someone goes on vacation, sees family and friends, and comes back. Of course, they are only determined to win. You feel solidarity, fighting spirit, mutual respect, mutual care. All nationalities are there, this is our only people, the Russian people. And it feels.

We were near Donetsk, and in Volnovakha, and in Yelenovka, we were in hospitals, everywhere the guys meet us with such pleasure, pleasantly. Because they remember their relatives, home, wives, mothers. Transbaikal news, Transbaikal songs. We were already leaving, and the guys say: give us a flag, ours, of the Trans-Baikal Territory. Gave.

– Were you in military uniform?

– Certainly.

– I will return to the story with which we began, about our Russian Alyosha, who “dismantled” a column of armored vehicles. I watched two versions of the video: with a beep and without a beep. The second impressed me more, but what about you?

– Yes, there are situations when there is no way without a real Russian rug.

– An actual combat mat?

– That’s all!

– And if the Minister of Defense listens, he will not scold these guys?

– I don’t know, I don’t think so. Our Defense Minister is also a Russian person, he understands everything perfectly. Well, this is… imagine, there is a battle, emotions…

– But in order not to be squealed, we will not …

– No, we are very educated people.

– I asked the press secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, he said that everyone in the Kremlin watched everything.

– Yes, everyone has already seen it. And everyone understood that there was nothing to meddle with us.

– Thank you very much, Alexander Mikhailovich.

– And tomorrow is a holiday, very sacred to me – the Airborne Troops will celebrate their day. Can I take the opportunity?

– Certainly.

– I want to congratulate all my fellow soldiers, all the guys who served in the Airborne Forces, who are now serving in units, who are in the zone of a special military operation. Our paratroopers who have shown and show their heroism. And those who will go to serve in the landing troops. We are praying for you, we are worried. I want to wish everyone good health and good luck! And the spirit of the landing and, most importantly, just go forward. Nobody except us!

– Thank you very much, I hug you.

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