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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Frantic search: Maria Zakharova responded to those who wanted to send troops to Ukraine

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 07:56:53

Maria Zakharova, official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

The West is desperately looking for new options to continue its campaign in Ukraine, since the original plan was a complete failure, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in a briefing. She also ironicized about the exercises with the participation of the American army in Moldova.

– I have a question for Sandu. He loves to scold the period of Soviet power and say that then Moldova was almost in a state of destruction. Perhaps she will provide statistics for comparison: how did Moldova live under Soviet rule? And, by the way, we quote these statistics to you. Let her use it. Maybe she will show off her achievements? – Zakharova asked.

In Moldova, for example, the birth rate is declining. According to official data, in 2023 24 thousand children were born in the republic. This is 11 percent less than in 2022. “What I want to say is that Moldova is not experiencing any disruption associated with wars or external conflicts. This is the result of Sandu’s policy,” the diplomat emphasized.

Maria Zakharova recalled that Moldova’s rapprochement with NATO is gaining momentum. This year alone, the country has already hosted 17 military exercises and training camps. Even with the participation of American or Romanian military personnel.

– I understand why the birth rate is falling in Moldova. Well, there are 17 military exercises. Moldovan men do not have time to simply procreate. Everyone is joining NATO! – Zakharova joked.

As Moldovan political scientists point out, Sandu’s team, even with the help of Western political strategists, has not learned to manipulate the facts convincingly. “And the West is, so to speak, a great master in this. Therefore, Sandu is simply a bad student,” the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry is sure.

We have compiled other key statements that were made at the briefing.

On sending French soldiers to Ukraine:

“We are receiving confirmation of our information about France’s preparations to send its army to Ukraine. Let me remind you that we announced such data on April 3 of this year.

Despite Paris’s attempts to disguise the participation of its professional military in the conflict, the Kiev regime is deliberately publicizing such a development of events in order to once again declare broad international support and, of course, play along at its own pace. own failed mobilization… This suggests that the West’s original plan for Ukraine has completely failed. “They are desperately looking for how to continue this campaign.”

On the military “threat” to Sweden:

“When I saw the news about the statement of the Swedish commander-in-chief Mikael Büden about the presence of a military threat to Gotland (a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea – Ed.), my first reaction was: oh, does it really exist? A Harry Potter sequel? Some surreal vocabulary. Some fairy tale characters.

Then I read it and realized it wasn’t. In fact, there is Mikael Büden, who believes that Gotland is threatened. And surely it must be Russia… But then their own press service denied their leader.”

On the manipulation of Russian issues:

“We resolutely reject the desire of the Brussels elite to use Russian issues in their dirty electoral technologies to denigrate, retaliate against political opponents and repress media outlets, journalists and social activists who convey an alternative point of view.”

On the response to the EU’s broadcast ban on four Russian media outlets:

“The work is in its final stages. We have prepared our proposals, which, I believe, will be approved interdepartmentally literally in the coming days. Then we will inform you of the result.”

On the problems that Poland creates for our diplomats:

“In recent years, the Polish side has intentionally created a series of artificial problems for our embassy, ​​including freezing accounts, confiscating funds, mass expulsion of employees, and hindering the resolution of a series of daily problems. “This is a completely useless activity.”

On the prohibitive duties on Russian grains:

“I advise EU politicians to reconsider their own statements on food security, which mattered to them two years ago. Remember? However, from his point of view, everything was at stake to feed countries in need. Are they the same people speaking, or are some of their doubles walking up to the microphones and saying exactly the opposite?


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