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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Google Drive will stop working: there are five days left to save your documents

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 09:11:46

Google Drive will stop working on some computers in five days. Once August begins you will have to remove all the stored documents if you are one of those affected so as not to run the risk of losing them. There are millions of users who use this cloud storage to download photos, videos or documents or to have copies of very important documents.

Although there are many services that offer space in the cloud to store our important files, the most used are four and in that list among the most demanded by users is Google Drive. It is therefore important to take into account in which specific cases the application for the computer will cease to be operational so that many are not affected by a possible loss of documents. The other services that offer the same option are Microsoft One Drive, Apple iCloud and DropBox.

How do I know if I am one of those affected by the closure of Google Drive?

Now Google has announced that the desktop application of its Drive cloud hosting service will no longer be available in August on some versions of Microsoft’s operating system. What will stop working will be the computer application of its cloud hosting service in some of the versions of Microsoft’s operating system. Google Drive for computers is an application for Windows and Mac that allows users to save files from a computer in the cloud, organize and manage them in the file system without taking up storage space and open them on the computer.

In which version of Windows will Drive disappear?

The technology company has communicated through the Workspace help page that the application will lose support in August on some versions of Windows. Specifically, the company details in a statement that it will no longer be available in the following versions:

Windows 8/8.1Windows Server 2012 all versions of Windows 32bit

Will Drive for Window 10 still work?

In contrast, the Drive desktop app will still be available for Windows 10 64-bit or later, so Google urges affected users to upgrade to this system before August. It has also noted that users who have a 32bit version of Windows will be able to use Drive from a browser.

How much does it cost to store in the cloud?

Google Drive isn’t the only cloud storage site. From the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) they have already compiled other options that we remember in case you are affected by this change in Google Drive. The first question that many will ask is its price. Are they free?

All those analyzed by the OCU have a free service characterized by having a limited storage capacity), restrictions on the size of the files to be stored, and basic functions.  Then there is the Pro or Premium version. Here the user has more storage space, usually between 100 GB and 1 TB, without restriction of file upload size, and, in addition, it can be used by one or more users, and has more advanced data management and security options. Its price usually ranges between 2 and 10 euros per month. The OCU also mentions a third option already aimed at professional environments.

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Puck Henry
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