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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Hands like bat wings and asymmetrical breasts with seals: what Timur Khaidarov did with the body of Lyubov Uspenskaya

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 09:16:56

Lyubov Uspenskaya shared with KP.RU the details of Timur Khaidarov’s botched plastic surgery.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Lyubov Uspenskaya shared with KP.RU the details of Timur Khaidarov’s botched plastic surgery. The singer herself said that after the operation she received mammary glands of different sizes and arms that hung strangely. The star was horrified by the new body and she soon went to “remake” another famous surgeon – Arthur Rybakin. In an exclusive interview with KP.RU, Artur Vladimirovich told what he saw while examining and operating on Lyubov Uspenskaya.

“Lyubov Uspenskaya appeared with us about two years ago. I’ve known her for a long time. An interesting and unusual person. When she came to our clinic, she was very concerned about her hands, particularly her shoulders, as well as her chest. She said that she was operated on by a surgeon known in Instagram circles (an organization prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation). However, she is unknown in scientific circles. We have never seen her work or speeches from her at symposia, but we have seen dissatisfied patients at ethics committees,” Artur Rybakin told KP.RU.

The plastic surgeon remembers that the first thing that caught my eye when examining Uspenskaya was her hands. According to the surgeon, an extremely difficult area for plastic surgery. Brachioplasty (arm lift) requires experience.

“The complication that Lyubov had is called “telephone”. What does this mean? Tissue volumes were left in the elbow and armpit area, and a depression was left in the center of the shoulder. You know what phones used to be, arch shaped. Here, in both hands, was a “headset”, Artur Vladimirovich shares with KP.RU. – It is clear that such a deformation cannot appear after the hands of a doctor who has been doing such operations for decades. It’s more a lack of experience.”

The second problem that the singer had with her hands is called “bat wings” in plastic surgery.

“After the plastic surgery, the scar went from her shoulders to her back, and when she raised her arm, she had a scar that looked like a bat wing. The work in the hands of Lyubov Uspenskaya was hard and complex. It all lasted a long time. The fact is that the previously performed operation caused damage to the lymphatic flow in the area of ​​​​the arms, due to the compression of the lymphatic vessels by the scars. Therefore, the forearm was a little swollen all the time, ”explained the surgeon.

artur rybakin

Photo: personal archive

According to Rybakin, now everything is fine with the hands of Lyubov Uspenskaya. And the second stage of the “correction” was an operation in the area of ​​​​the mammary glands, which Artur Vladimirovich had to literally redraw.

“When I saw Lyubov’s breasts, I wasn’t so surprised by the scars or the asymmetry; this happens, and this does not mean that the surgeon is bad. On palpation, I felt seals on both glands. They were so hard that it seemed to me that they were not implants, but expanders. An expander is a bag used in plastic surgery to stretch tissue. It is planted in a specially formed pocket in soft tissues. It is similar to an implant that is connected by a special tube to a device that is injected periodically through the skin. Due to the injected fluid, the soft tissues are stretched and the amount of skin increases. There is the so-called expanding dermotension – a plastic in which a similar stretching of the skin and soft tissues is used. So I thought there were two expanders inside. It looked like it was groping for ports,” Rybakin said.

During the next visits, Artur Vladimirovich found seals again, but in other places. The doctor suggested that they are associated with necrosis (areas where tissue cells die and are replaced by connective tissue cells), which could be the result of poor blood supply. Therefore, the dead cells simply turned into a scar.

“The view was ugly. As a result, we had to redraw the skin patches. And make sure that when they are sutured, the plate is more or less symmetrical. At the same time, we were going to inspect the implants, evaluate them and replace them if necessary. When I did this, I was surprised to find that the first pocket contained a piece of scar tissue that looked like a bar of soap. I have never seen anything like this…” continues Artur Rybakin.

The doctor points out that the implant for the body is a foreign body that is constantly attacked by cells of the immune system and tries to penetrate it. Any foreign body in the body is separated from the tissues by a thin scar capsule.

“In Lyubov Uspenskaya, most likely, the implants were covered with a double capsule, which, perhaps, somehow “came out” of the implant, contracted and became some kind of remnant, due to which it moved towards where i got it Surprisingly, this part of the scar felt normal and was nourished by the surrounding fluid. This is generally how cartilage behaves. You can write a scientific article! When we enter the capsule of the other mammary gland, we find the same thing. I think it has to do with the implants themselves. Why is it dangerous? Loose pieces of scar tissue could sooner or later fray the implant, as well as cause poisoning of the body and inflammation if they undergo necrotic changes,” said the plastic surgeon.

One can only hope that the resonant story with Timur Khaidarov will once again remind him that a doctor should not be chosen based on popular social networks, but attention should be paid to his experience and weight in the scientific world and, of course, the so -The so-called “word of mouth” is an important help”.

“If a surgeon spends a lot of time on Instagram, when does he operate or who operates on him? When he studies he? Surgery is a very complex thing. Sometimes there is no energy left at all. What kind of instagram is there (an organization prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation)! If there are more than 50 cases with the same complications, then this is a lot”, summarized Arthur Rybakin.

Recall that 52 people, including the popular singers Slava and Lyubov Uspenskaya, who suffered at the hands of a star surgeon, signed an appeal to the Investigative Committee with a request to verify the activities of Timur Khaidarov.

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