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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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How much does a firefighter earn in Madrid in 2024

Date: April 14, 2024 Time: 20:26:13

Like being a doctor, being a firefighter is one of the most vocational professions. If you are thinking about becoming one, you should know the working conditions and skills attributed to their job, including what the salary is for these workers. How much does a firefighter earn in Madrid capital? The answer depends on the rank or category of the firefighter, experience, and payroll benefits.

The salary of a firefighter in Spain

Firefighters earn on average in Spain a salary of around 34,600 gross euros per year. Per month, the figure corresponds to 1,870 net euros per month. These are data from the Jobted platform, which places it 44% above the average annual salary in Spain. However, the figures may increase depending on years of experience:

Without experience (less than three years): 28,000 euros gross per year. Between 4 and 9 years of experience: 31,400 gross euros per year. Between 10 and 20 years of experience: 40,300 gross euros per year. More than 20 years of experience: 50,000 euros gross per year.

How much does a firefighter earn according to the city in Spain

The average monthly salary of a firefighter in the city of Madrid, for example, is 1,900 euros per month. Approximately 26,600 euros per year, since the salary also includes two additional payments. It is the Group C figure, the most basic scale.

However, when promoted through internal promotion, a higher base salary is received. For example, the difference with Group C2 is 400 euros. However, anyone who reaches level A1 earns about 50,000 euros gross per year.

Firefighter salary: extras, incentives and permits

The salary of firefighters, like the rest of the City Council officials, has two sections. On the one hand, the base salary, which includes the group and position to which they belong and, on the other hand, the incentives and salary supplements. Here are the three-year periods, the extras and the bonuses according to the functions performed. Two of them, perhaps the most economically valued, are the shifts and the dangerousness of the skills assumed.

Regarding permits, unlike other professionals, firefighters enjoy good working conditions. They usually work between 10 and 15 days a month, although their workday is usually 24 hours, almost always continuously. And what is better, they have 40 days off, between vacations and their own affairs, and early retirement from the age of 59.

What tasks does a firefighter have other than putting out fires?

Yes, their work is inherent to intervention in accidents, especially in extinguishing fires and rescues. Even so, a firefighter in Madrid capital has many more tasks inside and outside the municipal area. Among others:

Assist citizens in all those interventions, urgent or not, that benefit community tranquility. Try to save people and property at risk. Examples? Traffic accidents, people trapped in elevators or homes, rescues in wells or incidents in tunnels. Training tasks for fire prevention. Collaborate with other public services by providing technical assistance. Of course, always depending on the availability of resources, the urgency and severity of the case. Prepare works and studies for the continuous improvement of local regulations. Help other national emergency services. Acting in conjunction with the Military Emergency Unit (UME) or when required in international disasters.

With all the above, and in reference to how much a firefighter earns in Madrid, now you know that his work goes beyond a simple vocation. Many times there would be no money to pay for the risk of exposing his life by protecting us. Highly valued by the people of Madrid, firefighters are essential in the daily well-being of the capital.

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